What is the complex adaptive systems theory?

Complex adaptive systems thinking is an approach that challenges simple cause and effect assumptions, and instead sees healthcare and other systems as a dynamic process. One where the interactions and relationships of different components simultaneously affect and are shaped by the system.

What is a Trojan Mouse?

A Trojan Mouse allows innovative leaders to spring into action when they’re still working to understand a problem at its deepest levels. If your problem is clearly defined, with well-worn solutions already mapped out, then a Trojan Horse might make sense instead.

What is a complex adaptive system in ecology?

It is a “complex macroscopic collection” of relatively “similar and partially connected micro-structures” formed in order to adapt to the changing environment and increase their survivability as a macro-structure. The Complex Adaptive Systems approach builds on replicator dynamics.

What is a complex adaptive system and how does it operate?

A complex adaptive system is a system made up of many individual parts or agents. • The individual parts, or agents, in a complex adaptive system follow simple rules. • There is no leader or individual who is coordinating the action of others.

Is healthcare a complex adaptive system?

Health care organizations such as university teaching hospitals also function as complex adaptive systems as they contain agents with freedom to act (professional autonomy) and influence others.

Is the brain a complex adaptive system?

Complexity in complex adaptive systems refers to the potential for emergent behavior in complex and unpredictable phenomena. Examples of complex adapting systems include the economy, ecosystems, the human brain, developing embryos and ant colonies. Each is a system with a network of many agents acting in parallel.

What is a complex adaptive problem?

A complex adaptive problem is one that changes by the merit of you trying to solve it before you are able to complete the solution.

What is the essence of complex adaptive systems to a manager?

Complex adaptive systems consist of six primary functions: they operate in open systems, they are self-organizing, they operate on the edge of chaos , they adapt to external changes, they require interactions among individual agents, ultimately resulting in a new emergent collective or product.

Why is healthcare a complex issue?

Health care is complex due to: o the diversity of tasks involved in the delivery of patient care; o the dependency of health-care providers on one another; o the diversity of patients, clinicians and other staff; o the huge number of relationships between patients, carers, health-care providers, support staff.

Why are complex adaptive systems important?

The modeling of complex adaptive systems (CAS) is an example of such an integration of computer science into the very fabric of science; models of complex systems are used to understand, predict and prevent the most daunting problems we face today; issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, energy consumption …

Is the human body a complex adaptive system?

The Human Body as a Complex Adaptive System The subsystems do not have stable hierarchical structures and instead have multiple levels of heterarchical interrelations and interactions.

What is complex adaptive behavior?

Here, complex adaptive behavior is introduced as a term to capture the adaptive (in the evolutionary sense of the word) capacity for behavior to be variably and reliably adapted (in the sense of behavioral flexibility) to the context within which it is embedded.