What is the circulation of the Daily Telegraph?

Daily Telegraph: 317,817 (December 2019)

Is Daily Telegraph a Murdoch paper?

History. Founded in 1879, The Daily Telegraph ran as a broadsheet until 1927, when it switched to a tabloid format. From 1936 until its sale to Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited in 1972, the Telegraph was owned by Sir Frank Packer’s Australian Consolidated Press.

Who controls the Daily Telegraph?

Telegraph Media Group Limited
Telegraph Media Group Limited (TMG; previously the Telegraph Group) is the proprietor of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. It is a subsidiary of Press Holdings….Telegraph Media Group.

Trade name TMG
Operating income £900,000 (2018)
Owner Barclay brothers
Parent Press Holdings
Subsidiaries The Daily Telegraph The Sunday Telegraph

Which newspaper has the largest circulation?

The Wall Street Journal
Top 10 newspapers by circulation

Newspaper Primary service area Circulation
USA Today National 1,621,091
The Wall Street Journal National 1,011,200
The New York Times National 483,701
New York Post New York metropolitan area 426,129

Does Rupert Murdoch own the Daily Telegraph?

The Murdochs. International media mogul Rupert Murdoch owns a number of Australia’s major capital city newspapers, including The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Courier-Mail.

What kind of newspaper is the Australian?

The Australian

The Australian front cover on 26 July 2017
Type Newspaper
Circulation 810,000 (print); 2,394,000 (cross-platform) – Sep 2019
ISSN 1038-8761
Website www.theaustralian.com.au

What religion are the Barclay brothers?

Born 10 minutes apart in 1934 of Scottish Catholic parents, they grew up in an unsalubrious part of Shepherds Bush, west London. After leaving school early, the brothers worked as painters and decorators before becoming estate agents.