What is spanning tree edge port?

During spanning tree establishment, ports with admin-edge-port enabled transition immediately to the forwarding state. If a bridge or switch is detected on the segment, the port automatically operates as non-edge, not enabled. The no form of this command disables edge port operation on the specified ports.

What is Admin Edge port?

With “admin-edge-port” enabled, the port will immediately go into the forwarding state. Immediately becomes on-line. Immediately becomes on-line.

What is STP edged port enable?

Use the stp edged-port enable command to configure the ports as edge ports. If a port directly connects to a user terminal rather than another device or a shared LAN segment, this port is regarded as an edge port. When the network topology changes, an edge port will not cause a temporary loop.

How do I disable spanning tree on port HP?

Re: 2524: how disable STP on one port however the best way to do it is to set a BPDU filter on the port. This will cause the port to stay locked in forwarding mode and it will also drop all incoming BPDU frames, effectively removing it from participation in spanning tree operations.

How does RSTP protocol work?

RSTP works by adding an alternative port and a backup port compared to STP. These ports are allowed to immediately enter the forwarding state rather than passively wait for the network to converge. * Alternate port – A best alternate path to the root bridge. This path is different than using the root port.

What is STP loop protection?

Loop protection increases the efficiency of STP, RSTP, and MSTP by preventing ports from moving into a forwarding state that would result in a loop opening up in the network. When loop protection is enabled, the spanning-tree topology detects root ports and blocked ports and makes sure both keep receiving BPDUs.

What happens if STP is disabled?

Disabling Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) can cause Broadcast Storms and Layer 2 Switching Loops, which can make your network down within a short span of time.

How to set admin edge ports in spanning tree?

The ports can be configured manually by using the “admin-edge-port” command, this will override “auto-edge”. End devices such as PCS, Laptops, Printers etc should be defined as an “Edge Port” and uplinks/inter-switch links should be set as “non-edge ports”. spanning-tree 1-48 admin-edge-port

How to enable spanning tree on HP ProCurve switches?

Enable spanning tree on the switch, set the priority and force the version to Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) BPDU Filtering and BPDU Protection spanning-tree 1-24 bpdu-filter. The port will ignore BPDUs and stay locked in the “forwarding state” if another switch was inadvertently plugged into the port. spanning-tree 1-24 bpdu-protection

How to enable auto edge on HP ProCurve switches?

By default “auto-edge” is enabled on all ports, this will look for BPDUs for 3 seconds and if none found will begin forwarding packets and the port is set as “edge”, if there are BPDUs the port is set as “non-edge”. The ports can be configured manually by using the “admin-edge-port” command, this will override “auto-edge”.

What does edge port mode on ADTRAN do?

Edge Port Mode allows you to alter the behavior of the Spanning Tree feature, forcing ports into the forwarding state when connected. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is an industry-standard and allows a switch to detect physical network loops (which is detrimental), and block interfaces as needed to mitigate the problem.