What is Rubbermaid FastTrack used for?

Rubbermaid Fasttrack Multi-Purpose Hook, Good for Holding Cords, Lawn Chairs, Shovels, and Kids Toys, Holds up to 50 Pounds.

How much weight does FastTrack rail hold?

Rubbermaid FastTrack rails can hold a lot of weight. A 4′ Rubbermaid FastTrack rail has a weight capacity of up to 1,750 lbs per rail. That’s over 400 lbs per foot!

What weight can Rubbermaid FastTrack hold?

1750 lbs.
Supports up to 1750 lbs.

Does Rubbermaid FastTrack work with craftsman?

Rubbermaid hooks and accessories don’t work on anything except Rubbermaid FastTrack rails. Skip the Rubbermaid hooks if you’ve got a Craftsman VersaTrack system at home. It’s just not worth the effort to make it work.

Is Closetmaid and Rubbermaid Compatible?

Closetmaid shelf supports and shelves will fit on the Rubbermaid or Elfa vertical hangers and vice versa. It is much sturdier than Rubbermaid since it is meant to be permanent once you put it in. Shelves snap in place which took some effort and would be difficult to remove.

How much is FasTrak per month?

A monthly $2 fee is assess per transponder but waived for every $25 in tolls incurred each month. Requesting an extra printed statement will incur a $2 charge.

How does the FastTrack garage storage system work?

FastTrack® Rail Garage Organization System FastTrack rail uses vertical space to reduce floor clutter and keep everything handy, from tools to bikes. Quick Installation, Durable Storage Quickly set up durable, safe storage for garage items of all sizes using this rail-and-hook system.

How does Rubbermaid FastTrack work in a garage?

Snap the cover over the rail. After the rail and cover are installed into the wall, start adding in your hooks. The Rubbermaid FastTrack is the third garage wall organization system I’m studying for my own garage. The Proslat Slatwall and the Gladiator Slatwall garage organization systems are still attractive contenders.

How big are FastTrack rails in a garage?

The heart of the FastTrack Rail system is the FastTrack Rail. These rails range from 32″ to 84″ wide. They are a proprietary channel design. You mount the rails horizontally on your garage wall studs. You can mount FastTrack rails on 16″ or 24″ studs.

How to install FastTrack garage 84 in concrete?

Thank you for your interest in our products! To install the FastTrack Garage 84 in. Hang Rail Track Storage System into cement walls: Use lead type anchors for concrete that use a #10 screw. On the rails put in top holes every 8 inches and in the bottom holes every 16 inches.