What is pre stretch in badminton string?

Pre stretching is where you tighten each string to a higher tension before tightening it to the correct tension. The idea behind this is that you remove any elasticity the string has inside of it, meaning that it will hold its tension for a longer period.

Which badminton string is best for smashing?

Top 8 Best Badminton String for Smashing Reviews In 2021

  • Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String.
  • Yonex BG-65 Badminton String.
  • Yonex BG 65 Ti Titanium Badminton String.
  • Yonex BG 66 Ultimax Badminton String.
  • Yonex Badminton String Nanogy 99.
  • YONEX BG-65 Turquoise Badminton String.
  • LI-NING String NO.
  • Yonex Aerobite Badminton String.

Should you pre stretch poly strings?

Are There Any Types of String You Shouldn’t Pre Stretch? The general line of thinking is that pre-stretching polyester strings is not advisable. You are taking a string that already has little elasticity to it and making it even less so.

What string tension should I use for badminton?

Badminton Racket Strings Guide

Player Level String Tension Rebound
Beginner Low (16-22lbs) High
Intermediate Medium (23-26lbs) Medium
Professional High (27lbs+) Low

Why is string mains tighter than cross?

1. It is a matter of personal taste – but I personally like better the first approach with mains slightly (2-4 lbs, but depends on string) tighter – the reason is that the mains are longer and the actual tension is simlar with the one in the shorter crosses at a smaller tension.

What was the original name of badminton?

Early on, the game was also known as Poona or Poonah after the garrison town of Poona, where it was particularly popular and where the first rules for the game were drawn up in 1873. By 1875, officers returning home had started a badminton club in Folkestone.

Is BG 65 string good?

Specifically designed for durability, the Yonex BG65 badminton string combined with its low price makes it one of the best strings for your money. Its durability has been excellent for me. I personally like to couple this string with a 24 lbs tension for decent power and control with exceptional durability.

What is the thinnest badminton string?

String thickness is measured by gauge. This is the diameter of the string in millimeters. So the smaller the gauge, the thinner it is. Thicker strings are usually 0.70mm gauges whereas the thinnest string is currently 0.62 mm.

What tension should I string natural gut?

between 55-62lbs.
A good recommended tension for a natural gut or multifilament string would be between 55-62lbs.

Which string tension should I use?

When it comes to the actual tension, most manufacturers recommend stringing elastic materials like nylon or natural gut around 50-60 lbs. If using a stiffer string like polyester, drop the tension to avoid arm injuries.

How do I choose a badminton string?

How to Choose a Badminton String

  1. Every racket has a ‘sweet-spot’ on the string-bed; this is the area that gives you the most power and speed for your shots.
  2. As you increase the tension of your strings, the sweet-spot decreases on the string-bed.

Which is the best badminton racket string to buy?

Ashaway ZyMax Fire 62 is a great badminton racket string that provides the highest repulsion of the ZyMax fire range. At 0.62mm it provides high power and good durability because…

Which is better high or low string tension in badminton?

The higher the string tension in your badminton racket, the less durable it gets but you get more power and accuracy. The lower the string tension of the badminton racket, the more durable it is. But with badminton rackets with low string tension do no provide the kind of power. That badminton rackets with high string tension offer.

Do you need to take care of badminton strings?

Badminton strings do not look like they are an important part of a badminton racket that we need to keep in mind but they are. Badminton strings can be very delicate and there is a need to take care of them. There are so many mistakes that we often make while playing badminton.