What is output caching?

The output cache enables you to cache the content returned by a controller action. That way, the same content does not need to be generated each and every time the same controller action is invoked. Imagine, for example, that your ASP.NET MVC application displays a list of database records in a view named Index.

How do I clear my output cache?

To manually clear the output cache of a page:

  1. Open the Pages application.
  2. Select the page in the content tree.
  3. Open the Properties -> General tab.
  4. Click Clear output cache in the Output cache section.

What is the importance of @output cache directive?

The OutputCache directive is responsible of output caching. It enables output caching and provides certain control over its behaviour.

What is MVC output caching?

The output cache enables you to cache the content returned by a controller action. Output caching basically allows you to store the output of a particular controller in the memory. Hence, any future request coming for the same action in that controller will be returned from the cached result.

Where is output cache stored?

The output cache is located on the Web server where the request was processed. This value corresponds to the Server enumeration value. The output cache can be stored only at the origin server or at the requesting client. Proxy servers are not allowed to cache the response.

What is caching SEO?

Google caches website pages as part of indexing. Caching in general is the process of temporarily storing data in such a way that it can be served up quicker on future requests. Caching is popular with websites as part of speed improvements and limiting the volume of requests to a server.

Does ViewState affect performance?

Performance Impacts As the ViewState grows larger. It affects performance in the following ways: Increased CPU cycles to serialize and to deserialize the ViewState. Pages take longer to download because they are larger.

How can I get caching in MVC?

In ASP.NET MVC, OutputCache attribute is used for applying Caching. OutputCheching will store the output of a Controller in memory and if any other request comes for the same, it will return it from cache result. Caching is used to improve the performance in ASP.NET MVC.

How will you specify the cache location?

9) How will you specify the Cache Location? You can use browser settings to specify where a page is cached. You can use the Location attribute of the <%@ OutputCache %> directive to specify where a page is cached.

Is caching good for SEO?

Why Is Cache Important for SEO? The text-only version of page cache is important for SEO as it provides a scaled-down version of pure site content – minus design elements, media files and everything else. Finding the best SEO company to help improve content for better cache and page rank, is advisable.

How do I enable caching?

Caching is enabled by identifying a resource or type of resource, such as images or CSS files, and then specifying headers for the resource(s) with the desired caching options.

Is ViewState secure?

The VIEWSTATE is a security risk if it is not encrypted (anyone could modify the VIEWSTATE values and POST to your pages.)

How long can I cache the output of a controller?

If you prefer, you can specify a much longer cache duration. For example, if you want to cache the output of a controller action for one day then you can specify a cache duration of 86400 seconds (60 seconds * 60 minutes * 24 hours).

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What is the duration of outputcache attribute in MVC?

The Duration property of OutputCache attribute takes the value in seconds and then cache the result in the memory for that many seconds. Modify code in “Index.cshtml” view as shown below. When we navigate to /Employees/Index, the view output is cached for 10 seconds.

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