What is OCN Japan?

OCN (オーシーエヌ), or Open Computer Network(オープン・コンピュータ・ネットワーク:Ōpun Konpyūta nettowāku), is the largest Japanese Internet service provider, with over 7 million subscribers. It is owned by NTT Communications Corp, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.

What is OCN mobile?

OCN Mobile ONE provides you a quick and easy mobile access to the internet. Voice service are also available by choosing SIM for Voice & Data.

How do I cancel my SIM card OCN?

To cancel This service, call the NTT Communications customers front (0120-506506). This service will be canceled if you canceled OCN mobile ONE or cancel the payment plan of combining with 050 plus and OCN mobile ONE.

What is the OCN number?

Operating Company Number (OCN) Company Codes, also referred to as Operating Company Numbers (OCNs) are used like social security numbers to uniquely identify your company and are assigned to all telecommunications service providers.

How do I activate my SIM card on OCN?

Use / Settings

  1. Go to the Sign Up page at http://s.ocn.jp/pre5e.
  2. Follow the steps to enter your SIM card ID number and device serial number printed on the back of the SIM card holder.
  3. Push out the SIM card from the SIM card holder, and then place it in your device.

What does it mean when the OCN is missing?

This is occurring because your carrier is not forwarding the OCN information to us with the rest of the call information. OCN, or Original Call Number, is the part of the information that your carrier forwards to YouMail when someone leaves a message.

What does OCN stand for?


Acronym Definition
OCN Open Computer Network
OCN Other Carrier Networks (Sprint)
OCN Of Course Not
OCN Original Called Number

What is an OCN telephone number?

What is OCN qualification?

The Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) is the UK recognised Awarding Organisation based in Northern Ireland. We are regulated by CCEA Regulation to develop and award regulated professional and technical (vocational) qualifications from Entry Level up to and including Level 5 across all sector areas.

What does OCN mean in nursing?

Oncology Certified Nurse
Table 1

Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN®) Basic-level certification that focuses on adult care
Certified Breast Care Nurse (CBCN) Specialty certification in breast care nursing
Certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse (CPON®) Basic-level certification in pediatric oncology nursing

What does OCN stand for in nursing?

What is OCN stand for?

What makes OCN Mobile One unique in the market?

What makes Mobile One unique is that OCN is a subsidiary of the same group (NTT) as Docomo. So they are in effect competing against themselves. Data only SIM : This is the cheapest type of SIM card. It will work in any kind of device, but is especially suited for routers and other devices that can’t use other features anyway.

What are the fees for OCN Mobile one?

Although Mobile One is basically a flat rate data service, other fees can add up: SMS fees on the SMS enabled SIM cards. Outgoing call fees on the voice enabled SIM cards. Additional SIM card fees if you have more than one SIM card on the same data plan (450 jpy per month).

Is there a limit on data speed on OCN?

Other than the unlimited plan, all of the plans are LTE and have a maximum speed of 150Mbps until they reach their limit. Recently, OCN started a new data roll-over feature to all customer, where unused data from one period is rolled over to the next. This means that for the daily plans, unused data can be used the next day.