What is Liu li glass?

Liuli Gongfang or Liuligongfang (Chinese: 琉璃工房; pinyin: Liúlí Gōngfáng) is Taiwan’s only contemporary glass studio devoted to artistic Chinese glassware. The founders aimed to revive the art of antique Chinese art glass, the production of which had dwindled following the First and Second Opium Wars in the 19th century.

What is lui li?

Liu Li (琉璃)is a form of chinese art glass. Blended with modern design, this traditional art form has been given new life. Infused with luxurious colours and made by skilled hands, liu li awards are premium objects of desire that take centerstage at every award ceremony. New.

What does LiuLi mean in Chinese?

Liuli in Chinese translates to “crystal,” but it has many other meanings to Chinese people. The first known use of liuli dates back two thousand years, in the tomb of Emperor Liu Sheng. They were a pair of ear cups, used exclusively by Emperor Liu Sheng as a vessel for wine.

What is Liu Li in English?

liú lí homeless and miserable forced to leave home and wander from place to place to live as a refugee. 琉璃 liú lí glazed tile (used on roof of palaces)

How is Liu Li made?

Liuli Pixie, modern craftwork After melting under high temperature they are made into sticks of different sizes and then softened on light before being handmade into final products. Unlike glaze, Liuli artwork has no mould, each one being unique as craftsmen’s improvised work.

What is liuli made of?

Liuli Pixie, modern craftwork With bright colors, vivid shape and delicate design, it is favored by people from all over the world. The raw materials of glassware are silicates and its metallic oxides which abundantly exist in nature.

What kind of Chinese art is Liuli Crystal?

Colored glaze or “Liu-li” in Chinese was praised as the first of Chinese Top-five famous wares (The rest are gold-and-silver, jade, pottery, bronze). Liuli, an unique art form of China evolved from the cultural accumulation over thousands of years, whose cultural connotation exists in the architectures and the Masters’ hearts.

How did Liuli Gongfang glass get its name?

Their name refers to liuli, a form of archaic Chinese glasswork; the founders chose to use the word liuli, rather than the common name for glass, boli ( 玻璃) to honor their cultural origin.

Where did the art of Liuli come from?

“Liuli” means ancient Chinese glass/crystal. It has a lineage stretching back thousands of years, first making its appearance in the 11th century BC. The art of Liuli left an indelible trail throughout Chinese history until the 19th century when China opened its door to imported goods, and effectively stifled traditional artisan skills.

Where can I see the works of Liuli Gongfang?

Liuligongfang art works have been exhibited in Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China, Europe, and United States. Several pieces have become part of the permanent collection of some of the most well known museums.