What is Kusuni?

New Word Suggestion. kitchen. it is popularly used in the high ranges of tea plantation sectors in south india, especially in Munnar, Ooty & Valparai. I think it may be originated from the french word cuisine.

What is Kadaparai English?

Tamil term or phrase: kadaparai. English translation: crowbar.

How do you say OK in Sri Lanka?

Additional Sinhalese phrases

  1. Okay/Very Good- Hari Hondai.
  2. How are you?- Kohomadhe.
  3. May I Telephone?- Mata Call Ekak Ganda Polu Wandeh.
  4. I Don’t Speak Sinhala- Singhala Danna Naa.
  5. Wait a Minute!- Poddak Inna.

What are the Tamil words in English?


English word Tamil word Meaning in Tamil
Catamaran கட்டுமரம் tied wood
Cheroot சுருட்டு roll
Corundum குருந்தம்/குருவிந்தம் ruby
Curry கறி sauce, relish

How do you say Grandma in Sri Lanka?

  1. An all-new A-Z of Sri Lankan English is now featured on Groundviews at:
  2. A is for aachchi (grandmother).
  3. Defying such contradictory precedents, I have chosen to spell the word aachchi.
  4. A is also for aiyo!

What is the meaning of crow bar?

: an iron or steel bar that is usually wedge-shaped at the working end for use as a pry or lever.

Is cash derived from Tamil?

TIL that the English word “cash” comes originally from the Tamil word “kaasu” meaning money. The word cash exists with three different etymologies for three different usages.

What is the religion of Sinhalese?

The Sinhalese are Theravada Buddhists except for a Christian minority. Like other peoples of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese constitute a caste-based society with a complex structure historically founded largely on occupation. Differences in religious and other customary practices are minimal between the castes.