What is Kast-O-Lite?

KAST-O-LITE 30 LI is a high alumina, lightweight, 3000°F maximum service temperature, insulating castable. It exhibits moderate density, excellent strengths, low iron, and low thermal conductivity.

How do you use Kast-O-Lite?

Kast-o-lite is mixed with 20% water by weight. Using a whole bag is recommended as the water can be measured more precisely then. I mixed this in a big 5 gallon bucket with a mixing attachment to my power drill. You are supposed to mix for 3 minutes and then cast within 10 minutes.

How do you use Kast-O-Lite 30?

Add only clean water suitable for drinking with a pH value between 6.0 and 7.5. For best results, water should be maintained at 50-70F. Mix for at least three minutes. For best results, wet mix temperature should be maintained at 60-75F.

How do you use refractory castable cement?

Using a plastic bucket or container, add one quart cool, clean water per 12.5 lbs. dry mix. Only mix an amount that can be used within 20-30 minutes after adding water as cement sets up fast. Mix thoroughly, taking care not to lose any water.

What is Satinite?

The Satanite is a refractory cement that insulates the surface of the wool, this keeping more of the heat in the chamber ( it does not reflect or absorb, just insulate). The ITC-100 is a highly heat reflective coating that greatly reduces the heat loss.

How do I use Metrikote?

Mixing: Add 1/2 Pint water to one pint of Matrikote 90 Ceramic Coating Powder and mix well, or a pint of water to a quart. It should have the consistency of latex paint. Applying: Material can be applied by spraying or brushing.

How much Kast O Lite do I need?

Mix approximately 1.3 gallons of water per 55 lb bag. About 86 lb of product is needed per cu. ft. Shipping is FREE for all orders within the contiguous US.

How thick should refractory cement be?

Joint thickness should not exceed 0.125 inch (3 mm). Everset refractory mortar will not dry properly if it is used to fill thicker joints.

What is Heatguard refractory coating?

Heat Guard Refractory Coating is water based refractory coatings which can resist temperature up to 3270°F (1800°C). It seals the crack on the inside wall of the kilns, furnace, or combustion chamber and prevent heat loss thus saves fuel or power.

What is the best refractory for a forge?

ITC-100: Refractory Coating for Forge Efficiency ITC-100 is known for its ability to reduce fuel costs and help your forge reach higher temperatures in a quicker time frame. ITC-100 is also more impervious to flux than Satanite alone and can help prolong the lifetime of your forge lining.

How do you apply Plistix 900?

Plistix 900F is in a powder form and is mixed with water to the consistency of a thin milkshake it is then applied to the refractory by dabbing it on with a paint brush, brushstrokes tend to pull the fibers apart.