What is Jimmy Morales being accused of?

He was later arrested and charged with corruption in January 2018, relating to the special bonus to Morales. President Morales denied the bonuses were illegal, but did return approximately $60,000 to the government.

Where does the president of Guatemala live?

President of Guatemala

President of the Republic of Guatemala
Member of Cabinet
Residence National Palace
Seat Guatemala City
Appointer Supreme Electoral Court

Is Jimmy Morales a Democrat or Republican?

National Convergence Front
Jimmy Morales/Parties

Who is famous from Guatemala?

Famous people from Guatemala

  • Miguel Ángel Asturias. Diplomat.
  • Oscar Isaac. Actor.
  • Efraín Ríos Montt. Politician.
  • Carlos Ruiz. Soccer.
  • Jacobo Árbenz. Politician.
  • Marco Pappa. Soccer Midfielder.
  • Otto Pérez Molina. Politician.
  • Alfonso Portillo. Politician.

Who is the most famous person in Guatemala?

What does the Guatemala flag symbolize?

The Guatemalan flag features two horizontal blue stripes on the outer edges. These stripes are meant to represent that the nation is locked between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The color of the stripes also represents the sky over the nation. The middle stripe represents peace and purity.

What party was Jimmy Morales?

What is the capital of Guatemala?

Guatemala City

Who is the most famous Guatemalan?

Who is the richest person in Guatemala?

Mario López Estrada

Mario López Estrada
Born 21 March 1938 Guatemala City, Guatemala
Nationality Guatemalan
Education Universidad de San Carlos
Occupation Businessman