What IS IRIS website?

IRIS provides management of, and access to, observed and derived data for the global earth science community. This includes ground motion, atmospheric, infrasonic, hydrological, and hydroacoustic data.

What does Iris Seismology mean?

IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) is a university research consortium dedicated to exploring the Earth’s interior through the collection and distribution of seismographic data.

What is an iris study?

The IRIS trial will test a new treatment strategy based on evidence linking insulin resistance to increased risk for stroke and other vascular diseases. Insulin resistance is a condition in which insulin, a normal human hormone, does not work effectively because the body is resistant to its effects.

Do irises spread?

Bearded Irises Grow from Rhizomes Such plants also spread by rhizomes, and irises are no exception. While some rhizomatous plants, like bamboo, spread rapidly and even invasively, the iris spreads fairly gradually—one of its main virtues for gardeners. But, as iris rhizomes spread, they become crowded.

Is iris poisonous?

There are more than 200 species of iris and related plants. The entire plant is toxic. Iris toxicity is generally mild in humans, but in pets and cattle, it can cause serious illness and death. Symptoms of iris poisoning in pets vary in severity depending on amount of exposure and which part of the plant was ingested.

What color is an iris?

Iris is an ambiguous color term, usually referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet. However, in certain applications, it has been applied to an even wider array of colors, including pale blue, mauve, pink, and even yellow (the color of the inner part of the iris flower).

What is seismology used for?

Seismology is the science of earthquakes to study the causes and effects of minute pulsation to most catastrophic natural phenomenon inside the earth.

Are iris modules free?

Through December 2021, the IRIS Center is offering FREE certificates to verify module completion and effort toward PD hours. Self-guided and self-paced, IRIS Modules cover numerous relevant topics in a way that is in-depth but approachable.

Should I deadhead irises?

Deadheading, or removing the old flowers, keeps the plants attractive and allows the leaves to collect energy for healthy root formation instead of setting seeds. Some irises may bloom twice a year if you deadhead properly. Break off the individual flowers on each flowering stem after they finish blooming.

Do irises multiply?

Irises multiply fairly quickly and when the plants become overcrowded they produce fewer of their lovely blooms. It is very easy to divide iris plants to rejuvenate them, and for the best display, bearded irises should be divided every three to four years.

Are irises safe for pets?

While many people enjoy iris in their garden or as a cut flower inside in a vase, the plant is actually poisonous to your family cat. While iris toxicity is generally mild to moderate in nature, it can cause serious discomfort and damage to your cat if left untreated.

What is Iris Portal?

IRIS Web Portal The IRIS Web Portal is an entry point into a wide array of administrative functions. It provides employees the ability to access Employee Self-Service for functions such as accessing pay statements, W-2s, and time reporting. It provides access for researchers to certify effort and access financial reports.

What is Iris inquiry?

The Inquiry Routing and Information System (IRIS) is our secure email messaging system. IRIS is a secure way to send queries that would contain your personally identifiable information (PII) to us via the internet.

What is an iris report?

The IRIS report is used to calculate the amount of reimbursement the hospital will receive for the direct and indirect costs of the Graduate Medical Education programs. The IRIS report contains information regarding all residents that are training at the hospital and enrolled in a Medicare approved program .

What is the IRIS Center?

The IRIS Center is a women’s community-based organization that offers free and low-cost mental health, substance abuse, and HIV prevention services to high-risk women of color, focusing on low-income single mothers, homeless women, sex workers, and drug abusers. The mission of the IRIS Center is to provide high-quality prevention, education,…