What is IBM Guardium appliances?

The IBM Security Guardium solution is a preconfigured hardware appliance (shipped by IBM) that helps to ensure the integrity of information in data centers and automate compliance controls. It can be configured for a single data source or a large number of heterogeneous data sources located across the enterprise.

What is IBM Guardium used for?

IBM Guardium prevents leaks from databases, data warehouses and Big Data environments such as Hadoop, ensures the integrity of information and automates compliance controls across heterogeneous environments.

How much does IBM Guardium cost?

The annual operational cost per database with Guardium was $2,710. SecureSphere cut the annual cost by 72%, to $744 per database.

Which operating system is used on the Guardium appliances?

The IBM Guardium solution works only on x86 Intel-based or AMD-based platforms (for example, x86_64). Only platforms and hardware that are officially supported by RedHat Linux 6.9 (64-bit) are expected to work properly (See links to RedHat Support documentation, listed at end of this document).

What types of data repositories can IBM security guardium protect?

IBM® Security Guardium® Data Protection for Databases and Big Data environments (Guardium Data Protection) empowers security teams to analyze, protect and adapt for comprehensive data protection in hetero- geneous environments, including databases, data warehouses, files, file shares, cloud, and big-data platforms such …

Why is it important for guardium to log activity?

How does IBM Guardium work?

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection supports a zero trust approach to security. It discovers and classifies sensitive data from across the enterprise, providing real-time data activity monitoring and advanced user behavior analytics to help discover unusual activity around sensitive data.

What is QRadar Siem?

IBM QRadar is an enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) product. It collects log data from an enterprise, its network devices, host assets and operating systems, applications, vulnerabilities, and user activities and behaviors.

What is IBM security guardium data protection?

What is IBM verify?

What is IBM Verify? IBM Verify adds an extra layer of security to your online services. Two-step verification helps protect your accounts from the bad guys, even if they steal your password. Why you need IBM Verify. Passwords are no longer secure enough to protect your information on their own.

What is IBM soar?

IBM Security SOAR, formerly Resilient, is designed to help your security team respond to cyber-threats with confidence, automate with intelligence, and collaborate with consistency. Also, it allows your team to visualize and understand security incidents to prioritize and take action.

What is Exabeam SIEM?

Exabeam Fusion combines XDR and SIEM into a single, cloud-delivered platform that enables you to: Leverage integrated threat detection, investigation, and response. Detect threats missed by other tools, using market-leading behavioral analytics.

What kind of appliance is IBM Security Guardium?

The IBM Security Guardium solution is available as a: Hardware offering – fully configured physical appliance provided by IBM. Software offering – software images deployed on customer hardware either directly or as virtual appliances.

Is the IBM Guardium appliance compatible with RedHat 7.6?

Only platforms and hardware that are officially supported by RedHat Linux 7.6 (64-bit) are expected to work properly (See links to RedHat Support documentation, listed at end of this document). However, not all officially supported platforms are guaranteed.

How many GB does a Guardium appliance need?

64 GB. If using Ecosystem, 34 GB is required. Each port can be an actual NIC, or a virtual switch that can be configured to use multiple NICs, optionally with failover IP teaming. Optional: The third port may also be configured to team with the primary interface in order to provide failover IP teaming.

How many s-taps to a collector in IBM Guardium?

If your sizing calls for 10 S-TAPs to a collector, if you are running with 7200 RPM drives, drop that to 3 S-TAPs to a collector. * Refer to IBM configuration tables for physical ranges.