What is Draeger multi gas detector?

With our multi gas detectors you can measure up to 7 hazardous substances at once – toxic and flammable gases, as well as vapours and oxygen. Furthermore, for frequent testing of very low concentrations of toxic and carcinogenic substances in laboratory quality, we offer the X-pid multi gas detector.

What is Drager instrument?

Featuring an ergonomic design and innovative infrared sensor technology, the Dräger X-am 5600 is the smallest gas detection instrument for the measurement of up to 6 gases. Ideal for personal monitoring applications, Compare.

What is a Drager sensor?

Dräger Infrared sensors deliver the best-possible measurement results and are unaffected by sensor poisons. Dual IR-Ex/CO2 Sensor to measure explosive gases and monitor carbon dioxide concentrations simultaneously, e.g. in the sewage sector. Dräger infrared sensors deliver the best-possible measurement results.

What does gas detection equipment detect?

Gas detection systems are designed to detect flammable, toxic, and combustible gases before it’s too late. They will also sound an alarm when oxygen levels fall below a certain threshold.

What gases should a personal multi gas detector monitor?

The multi-gas detectors are used to determine the concentration of oxygen (O2), flammable gases and vapours, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO).

How do multi gas detectors work?

The metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensor can be used to detect both toxic and combustible gases. It operates using a heated metal oxide semiconductor. The gas molecules adsorb onto the heated surface where an oxidation-reduction reaction occurs causing a change in the electrical conductivity of the metal oxide.

Is Drager a good company?

Good company, Friendly environment, Technical, Robust Products, overall better than most companies.

How does a gas detection system work?

A photoionization gas detector uses an ultraviolet light source to ionise gases to positive and negative ions that can easily be identified with a detector. Ionisation occurs when a molecule absorbs the light energy of a gas.

What does LEL mean in gas?

Lower Explosive Limit
The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) is the lowest concentration of a gas or vapour that will burn in air. The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) varies from gas to gas, but for most flammable gases it is less than 5% by volume.

Does a 4 gas monitor detect methane?

Multi-Gas Detector, 4 Gas, Detects Methane, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide. Country of Origin USA.

What kind of gas detector does Drager use?

The Dräger X-am ® Mark II Pump is an external pump for the Dräger X-am ® 2500, 5000, and 5600 portable gas detectors—designed for clearance measurement, for example in tanks and shafts. The pump Dräger’s X-zone 5500 brings a safer, more effective way to monitor hazardous gases–reinventing area monitoring.

What kind of gas detector is Drager PAC 6000?

The Dräger Pac ® 6000 disposable personal gas detector measures CO, H2S, SO2 or O2 reliably and precisely, even in the toughest conditions. The robust design, quick sensor response times, and a powerful

How does the Draeger sensor work to detect allergies?

The Draeger Sensor Catalytic Ex-Sensors measure multiple gases at the same time–combustible gases and vapors in the air. Exposure to the allergens of house dust mites is one of the most common causes of allergies. Dräger Bio-Check Allergen Control quickly reveals the presence of these allergens.

What is the Drager diffusion tube used for?

The Dräger Diffusion Tubes are direct reading systems used for the determination of time weighted average concentrations over the duration of one to eight hours. The robust Dräger Pac ® 6500 is your reliable companion under tough conditions. The personal single-gas detection device measures CO, H2S, SO2 or O2 quickly and precisely.