What is commodification sport?

Sport becomes a commodity when either consumers are willing to pay to play or watch it or if it has a potential exchange value rather than merely a use one. Such sports commodities can be classified as player products, spectator products, or associated products.

How has Commercialisation changed the sporting industry?

Increased revenue helps individual sportspeople and sports organisations to increase participation, improve performances and attract support. As technology becomes an increasingly important element of sport and sports compete with each other to engage participants and spectators, funding is even more crucial.

What factors have led to the Commercialisation of sport?

Factors that have influenced the commercialisation of modern-day sport

  • Professional sport.
  • Sponsorship/business.
  • Entertainment (sport has become a spectacle)
  • Gate receipts.
  • Contracts (athletes/clubs/TV rights)
  • Athletes as commodities/endorsement/an assest to the company.
  • The media.
  • Winning & Success.

Why sports should be commercialized?

The commercialization of sport which leads to increased exposure, encourages children to get more exercise and reduce obesity. It can also help young people find a hobby which gets them off the streets and discourages them from crime.

How can sport attract funding?

money may be invested into teams or sports by external sources or wealthy individuals. Teams usually get a shirt sponsor and often individual players will get deals for footwear. Companies will often sponsor a players equipment, usually one of the companies who manufacture the equipment.

What’s commodification mean?

transitive verb. : to turn (something, such as an intrinsic value or a work of art) into a commodity attempts to commodify the water supply.

Is commercialisation in sport good?

Raises the profile of the sport due to increased exposure. Provides an increased level of funding to improve resources, coaching or facilities. Gives the sport financial security for a period of time. Attracts the best players in the world to that sport.

What are the 3 types of sporting Behaviour?

It can be verbal, written, physical or emotional. Poor behaviour can occur in many places – during play, on the sidelines, at training, in the clubhouse or outside of the sporting arena. It can be coaches, players, parents, spectators, officials or administrators that behave poorly.

What are the disadvantages of commercialisation in sport?


  • Encourages deviant behaviour due to the pressure of success.
  • Generally, favours male over female and able bodied over disabled.
  • Sponsorship might be short term.
  • Performers may have to advertise a product that they do not like.
  • Performers might be contracted to put in appearances and attend public speaking.

Why is commodification bad?

In a critical perspective, commodification is associated with the negative effects of globalisation, causing the dispersion of local value and authenticity while a local culture is aligned to a global economy.