What is BPO best answer?

Answer : BPO or Business Process Outsourcing comprises of front-office customer services (like tech support) and back-office business functions (like billing). When a company plans to cost effectively carry out non-core work by an expert, they outsource it as a project to countries like India.

Why BPO job is best?

The work environment in the BPO sector is excellent and comes with good wages. The in-house personality development trainings, voice and accent trainings and six-sigma programs helps the employees in future too. Depending on the complexity of the job offered, the pay package increases with time.

Which is the best question to ask in a BPO interview?

You can answer this question by: BPO has always been a career opportunity for me as you are exposed to a new field, wherein a person can develop the personality and communication skills. Apart from it BPO is a well-diversified Industry.

Why is it important to join the BPO industry?

Answer : Technology is evolving. As we can already see, simultaneously the outsourcing market is evolving too. Hence, the BPO companies are getting exposed to new work opportunities and projects. Freshers who join the BPO/ITes industry now, can easily boost their skills and become doubly more productive in the log run.

Which is the best example of a BPO?

A good example of a BPO is an American company outsourcing their customer handling jobs to service providers in India. Business Process Outsourcing is a corporate system in which a company agrees to let another company handle a particular segment of work for them on a contractual basis.

Which is the most popular BPO industry in India?

Bpo is one of the popular industries in India. If you are willing to make a career in BPO industry, here are some of the most popular BPO interview questions. All the questions are followed by helpful and practical answers. Check them out! 1. Elaborate what you understand about the BPO system, and how it works?