What is bouncing ball in animation?

The bouncing ball includes many aspects of animation that an animator uses everyday in every scene on which he works. Animation principles such as the path of action, arcs, momentum, timing, key drawings, inbetween drawings, weight, speed, and the substance of an object are included in this simple exercise.

How many frames do you need for a bouncing ball?

We want the first bounce to happen about 15 frames into the animation, the second one 30 frames later, and for the ball to stop on the ground after another 30 frames. Go to frame 15 and move the ball where you want the first bounce to happen. Make sure its bottom touches the ground.

How do you make a bouncing ball animation?

Creating a Bouncing Ball with Motion Tweening

  1. Create a new Flash document and name it something like Motion Tween Bounce.
  2. In the Timeline, select Frame 1.
  3. In the Toolbar, select the oval tool; set the Line Color to None.
  4. Near the top of the Stage, draw a circle.

Why should we master the bouncing ball?

Why Should I Master the Bouncing Ball Animation? As an animation exercise the bouncing ball may seem deceptively simple, but there are actually a lot of important principles in play within this test. In its simplest form it teaches you the basics of timing, spacing, weight, arcs, squash & stretch, appeal, etc.

How do you make a bouncing ball in Macromedia Flash?

Choose Insert > Frame. Flash extends the motion-tween tinting to Frame 10. A dotted line indicating an incomplete tween appears in Frames 6 through 10. In Frame 10, move the circle to the top of the Stage to create the upward bounce of the ball.

What is bouncing a ball called?

▲ Ball which bounces when thrown against hard surface. bouncing ball. power ball. super ball.

How often does a bouncing ball bounce in Adobe Flash?

Our ball bounces once every 20 frames and so this irregular timing will mean that the ball finds itself at continually different spin stages during the bounce. If this isn’t yet clear, it soon will be.. Select a frame somewhere along the timeline on layer “Ball Spinning” and refer to the Properties Inspector.

Is there a way to play bouncing balls online?

Bouncing Balls is a classic online bubble shooter game. It was originally created in Flash but has now been remade using HTML5 so you can continue to play it as Flash is no longer being supporter. An added bonus is that you can now play it on mobile devices and tablets too.

When does a bouncing ball return to its original position?

This point on the Timeline will be the end of the animation; in other words the ball will have bounced up from the ground, reached it’s apex and returned to this starting position. The same applies to our shadow: it will have faded as the ball rose and returned to this starting state at frame 20.