What is Binangonan known for?

Binangonan, officially the Municipality of Binangonan (Tagalog: Bayan ng Binangonan) is a 1st class municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. A thriving fish port and fishing industry is found in Binangonan, having a long coast line facing the Laguna de Bay, including the western part of Talim Island.

Is Binangonan Urban?

Binangonan is an urban municipality in the province of Rizal in the Philippines. It had a population of 249,872 people as registered in the 2010 Census.

Who is the mayor of Binangonan Rizal?


Email [email protected]hoo.com
Income Class 1st
No. of Barangays 40

Is Rizal a city?

Rizal, officially the Province of Rizal (Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Rizal), is a province in the Philippines located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon. Its capital is the city of Antipolo. It is about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) east of Manila. 11475, which designated Antipolo as the capital of Rizal.

Does it flood in Binangonan Rizal?

In Binangonan, he said that all 40 barangay (villages) except Pilapila and Bangad were still flooded. According to Stanley, there is too much water in these areas that the drainage system could not just “sip it all out.”

How many families are in Binangonan Rizal?

69,786 households
Households. The household population of Binangonan in the 2015 Census was 282,213 broken down into 69,786 households or an average of 4.04 members per household.

Why Rizal is province of Rizal?

Rizal Region IV-A Rizal, officially known as the Province of Rizal (Filipino: Lalawigan ng Rizal) is a province in the Philippines located in the CALABARZON region, just 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) east of Manila. The province is named after José Rizal, one of the main national heroes of the Philippines.

Is Cainta Rizal flood prone?

Flooding, water and power interruptions hit the entire town of Cainta, Rizal following the continuous heavy downpour. Rescuers had to evacuate some residents whom they found atop their rooftops in several flood prone villages.

Is Baras Rizal flood prone?

MANILA – The Rizal Risk Reduction and Management Council has named 4 towns in Rizal that are prone to floods. Authorities also identified landslide prone areas in Rizal: Montalban, San Mateo, Tanay, Antipolo and Baras. …

What is the area code of Binangonan Rizal?

Rizal Province ZIP Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Teresa 1880
Angono 1930
Baras 1970
Binangonan 1940

What symbolizes Rizal province?

The Sun Wreath of Laurel Leaves and Dove symbolize the peace and tranquility obtaining in the Province. The official colors are gold, green, and blue.