What is Aptamil Pronutra?

The special feature of Aptamil with the Pronutra™ formulation is the unique blend of nutrients tailored precisely to each phase of your baby’s development. The unique composition of breast milk gives your baby all of the nutrients they need for healthy development from the start.

What is Profutura?

Inspired by 40 years of research in early life science, our team of scientists have developed Aptamil® Profutura® First Infant Milk. Suitable from birth, it is nutritionally complete and suitable as the sole source of nutrition from birth and as part of a weaning diet from 6 months as required by legislation.

What is aptamil Profutura used for?

A nutritionally complete, premium infant formula suitable for healthy infants from birth, requiring a partial or complete breast milk substitute. For formula-fed infants, Aptamil Profutura helps build strong foundations for immunity, brain and metabolism.

Why is Aptamil Sensavia being discontinued?

Why are you discontinuing Sensavia? Please rest assured our Sensavia formulas are completely safe to use still and each recipe meets our strict quality standards. We have reviewed our ranges and chosen to stop the Sensavia range so that we can focus on our other products at this time.

Which Aptamil is making babies sick?

Several mothers have told the BBC that their babies experienced upset stomachs after they started using the new version of Aptamil First Infant Milk powder (stage 1). The parents said they noticed that the milk powder did not dissolve in the bottles, leaving clumps of residue.

What age is Aptamil 2 for?

6-12 Months
Aptamil 2: 6-12 Months Formula Milk.

Is there a difference between Cow and Gate and Aptamil?

Aptamil and cow and gate are made by the same manufacturers. If you compare the ingredients list on the boxes, it’s identical. Aptamil is marketed as a premium brand, hence the price. But they are essentially exactly the same.

Does aptamil make babies sick?

Aptamil revealed the change to its formula in a leaflet inside the old packs – with the new packs hitting shelves days later. Babies have reportedly suffered vomiting and diarrhoea after drinking the new formula, with some mums claiming the powder doesn’t dissolve properly.

What is the best newborn formula Australia?

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best baby formula brands approved by real mums and dads:

  • Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 2 $25.49.
  • Bubs Goat Infant Formula, $38.00.
  • Karicare Baby Formulas.
  • A2 Platinum Premium Infant Formula, $38.00.
  • Novalac Allergy Infant Formula, $37.50.

Why can I not buy Aptamil?

Bottles of ready-made Cow & Gate and Aptamil formula milk are in short supply due to a problem with one of the ingredients. The brands, both owned by multi-billion-pound international food giant Danone, said the shortage was caused by “an issue with an ingredient used to prevent foaming” during milk production.

Can I give my baby aptamil Sensavia?

Aptamil SENSAVIA is suitable for bottle and combination fed infants that do not display any feeding issues. Please be aware, it is not suitable for babies that have a Cow’s Milk Allergy. All our formulations are inspired by our 40 years of expertise in early life science and each range provides something different.

Is Aptamil making my baby sick?