What is another word for stirring the pot?

What is another word for stir the pot?

disunite divide
set against one another drive apart
come between cause a rift
pit against set against
set at odds cause dissent

What does stirring the pot mean?

Stir-the-pot meaning To cause unrest or dissent.

What is the synonym of stirred?

See definition of stirred on Dictionary.com. verbmix up, agitate. verbincite, stimulate.

How do you stop pot stirring?

  1. Recognize them publicly – they want the attention.
  2. Communicate clear boundaries.
  3. Look for the deeper issue.
  4. Recognize self-promotion and manage your expectations of what they can REALLY do for you.
  5. Respond with warmth yet crispness.
  6. Pin down specific times for action.
  7. Declare behind-the-scenes chit-chat off limits.

What are the 10 antonyms?

List of Antonyms

Word Antonym-1 Antonym-3
Accept Refuse Deny
Accurate Inaccurate Unreliable
Advantage Disadvantage Impotence
Alive Dead Sluggish

What does rousing mean?

1a : giving rise to excitement : stirring a rousing speech. b : brisk, lively. 2 : exceptional, superlative a rousing success. Other Words from rousing Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About rousing.

What is a stirring dream?

Stirrings are similar to dreams; one makes the possessor feel pleasure. They happen when a citizen begins the early stages of adolescence, or puberty. These pills are taken by children in the early stages of adolescence, and then for the rest of their lives, including as adults, until they are released.

How do you deal with pot stirring employees?

Four steps to dealing with Pot-Stirrers

  1. Document everything, with as much detail as possible.
  2. Talk with them in private. Tell them you have some concerns about the effect their behavior is having on the rest of the team.
  3. Give them the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Closely monitor their actions following your meeting.

How do you deal with rumor mongers at work?

9 Steps to Getting Rid of Gossip

  1. Enact ‘zero-tolerance’ policies on workplace gossip.
  2. Set an example.
  3. Let the boss know.
  4. Address the perpetrators.
  5. If you’re a manager, meet with your team.
  6. Encourage positive gossip.
  7. Ignore the gossiper.
  8. Turn it back on the gossiper with a positive thing to say.

What are antonyms and give examples?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For instance, the antonym of ‘hot’ may be ‘cold. ‘ The root words for the word ‘antonym’ are the words ‘anti,’ meaning ‘against’ or ‘opposite,’ and ‘onym,’ meaning ‘name.

Synonyms for stirred the pot include misbehaved, caused trouble, got into mischief, gotten into mischief, stirred up trouble, got up to mischief, got up to no good, made trouble, acted out and cut up. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What is the meaning of “stir the pot” idiom?

We will examine the meaning of the idiom stir the pot, when it appeared, and some examples of its idiomatic usage in sentences. To stir the pot means to make unnecessary trouble, to agitate, to provoke. Someone who will stir the pot will often cause squabbles between others involved in an endeavor.

What does Pot Stirrer mean?

pot stirrer. Jump to navigation Jump to search. pot stirrer (plural pot stirrers) One who causes unrest; one who stirs the pot.