What is an extruded product?

Extrusion is a mechanical process in which certain materials are forced, under pressure, through a die opening to create products of a desired shape, size, and/or texture. Legume flours are often used as the basis for formulations that are extruded in low pressure systems. …

What extrusion means?

extrusion. / (ɪkˈstruːʒən) / noun. the act or process of extruding. the movement of magma onto the surface of the earth through volcano craters and cracks in the earth’s crust, forming igneous rock.

What foods are extruded?

Extrusion cooking technology has led to production of wide variety of products like pasta, breakfast cereals, bread crumbs, biscuits, crackers, croutons, baby foods, snack foods, confectionery items, chewing gum, texturized vegetable protein (TVP), modified starch, pet foods, dried soups, dry beverage mixes etc.

Is cereal extruded?

A wide selection of attractive breakfast cereals can be made by the twin-screw extrusion process. Extruded flakes made with corn, wheat, bran or multi-grains can also be processed in a variety of textures.

What is an example of extrusion?

Everyday examples of extrusion can be seen when toothpaste is squeezed out of a tube, icing is pushed out of an icing bag and “Playdo” shapes are made. Extrusion moulding of plastics is used to make any long shape that has a constant cross section. Perhaps most common plastic extruded is PVC.

What are extruded snacks?

Extruded direct expanded snacks are typically puffy, crispy or crunchy cereal or starch “finger foods” that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and which are textured and often coated to make them convenient, tasty and fun. They are eaten at all times of the day and can be sweet or savory.

What happens during extrusion?

Extrusion cooking can be defined as a continuous process in which materials, such as proteins and starches, are plasticized to form a fluid melt in a chamber or barrel as a result of high temperature, pressure, and shear stress, causing the material to be conveyed and forced to flow through a die of specific shape [29] …

What are advantages of extrusion cooking?

Extrusion cooking is thus one of the preferred food-processing techniques due to its continuous process with high productivity, high temperature and short time cooking period while destroying both harmful microbial organisms and anti-nutrient enzymes, resulting in significant nutrient-retention products with longer …

What is extrusion and its types?

Extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves forcing base metal through a pre-shaped die to create objects with a specific shape and profile. There are different types of extrusion processes, however, including cold, hot, friction and micro.

What are the types of extrusion?

Types of Extrusion Process

  • Direct Extrusion.
  • Indirect Extrusion.
  • Hydrostatic Extrusion.
  • Lateral or Vertical Extrusion.
  • Hot extrusion.
  • Cold Extrusion.
  • Impact Extrusion.

Where is extrusion used?

Extrusion is widely used in production of tubes and hollow pipes. Aluminum extrusion is used in structure work in many industries. This process is used to produce frames, doors, window etc. in automotive industries.