What is an all purpose English saddle?

The All Purpose Saddle is an English saddle design that allows a horse and rider to participate in many disciplines with one saddle making it the most versatile and economical saddle for the English rider.

Are all purpose saddles good?

Here in the states, we list it as “all-purpose” because it has a deep secure seat and longer flaps than many jump saddles. This saddle is supportive enough for a rider to do lower level dressage, trail ride, fox hunt or jump with equal success. Many riders are not looking to advance up the levels of any one discipline.

Is an all purpose saddle good for jumping?

An all-purpose saddle does not take the place of a jump or dressage saddle for a rider who wishes to be proficient beyond a basic level of dressage or jumping. A saddle designed for jumping only will require your stirrups to be short to have the appropriate support from the saddle.

What size all purpose saddle do I need?

You should have approximately a hand’s width of room both in front and in the back of your seat for the English saddle to be properly fitted. (Between two and four fingers is generally recommended)….English Saddle Size Chart.

Your Measurement Saddle Size
23+” 18” saddle

What is an all purpose saddle for?

All purpose or general purpose saddles are designed for the rider who participates in multiple disciplines. These saddles tend to have a moderately forward flap and moderately deep seat. All purpose saddles are generally suitable for low level dressage and jumping, as well as English pleasure and trail riding.

What is the best show jumping saddle?

Best Eventing Saddles

  • Bates All Purpose + Saddle with HART ($2,425) This Bates all-purpose saddle has some innovative technology that riders of all levels will love.
  • Wintec 500 All-Purpose Saddle ($625)
  • Black Country GPD All-Purpose Saddle ($3,035)
  • Arena All Purpose Saddle with HART ($1,299)

How do I choose a saddle?

5 tips for finding the perfect saddle

  1. Find the saddle with the right shape. No two people are the same.
  2. Take account of your flexibility and your position on the bike. Test your flexibility.
  3. Measure the width of your sit bones. Saddles come in different widths.
  4. Set the saddle to the right height.
  5. Saddle position.

What size saddle do I need for a 14.2 hh pony?

Well-Known Member. if you have a long leg then a 18inch but your 14.2hh may be too short in the back and may need a 17inch, might get away with a 17.5 inch.

What is the best English saddle brand?

Key Considerations

Best English Saddle Brands
Antares Top-of-the-line
Pessoa (State Line Tack) Great on the flat & over fences
High quality
Known for feel & balance

How long will a saddle last?

A high-quality Western horse saddle can easily last 25 years, but you’ll be lucky to get five good years from a cheap saddle. Saddles will start to show signs of aging and can be uncomfortable for horses relatively quickly when you don’t take care of them.