What is a vintage pin-up?

The retro pin-up girl look is making its comeback from the 40’s to today. Having been popularized by Burlesque models in the early 40′ to 80’s. Those pin-up models pictures were mass produced and attracted a wider audience with the need to spread its appeal as pop culture.

What is a pin-up in art?

A pin-up model (known as a pin-up girl for a female and less commonly male pin-up for a male) is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. The term pin-up may refer to drawings, paintings, and other illustrations as well as photographs (see the list of pin-up artists).

How do I clean up my artwork in Photoshop?

Go back to your main image layer and select the Rectangular Marquee tool. This is the quickest method for removing lines that have appeared when scanning in your art. Simply select the lines and hit Delete. Now it’s time to play with the Levels, to make sure your art is as colourful as possible.

How do you become a pin up girl model?

Well my dear, here you have it, 7 Steps to Become a Modern Pin-Up Girl:

  1. Pick a Pin-Up Name. Choosing your Pin-Up name is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a Pin-Up model.
  2. Define Your Style.
  3. Learn Pin-Up Makeup and Hair.
  4. Get The Look Right.
  5. Start Creating Your Portfolio.
  6. Get Published.
  7. Be Social.

How do I sharpen a line drawing in Photoshop?

In Photoshop you could try Filters > Sharpen > Sharpen Edges. Along with that, to make it a little more clear, go to Image > Adjustments > Levels.. and play with that to remove blurry edges and darkening the sharp lines.

Who was the first pinup girl?

Charles Dana Gibson (American, 1867–1944) created one of the earliest forms of pinup illustration, known as the Gibson Girl. She was the image of idealized beauty in the early 20th century. She was proper, self–confident, and maintained an alluring gaze to the viewer.

Who was the first pin up girl?

Bettie Page is known as one of the first pin-up models. She moved to New York City, wanting to become an actress. In 1950, while walking along the Coney Island, New York City shore, Bettie met Jerry Tibbs, a police officer with an interest in photography.

What should I do to look like a pin up girl?

Doing Your Makeup Start with clean and moisturized skin. Lay the foundation. Get great eyebrows. Make up your eyes. Perfect Your Pout. Add a beauty mark. Don’t forget your nails.

Where did the idea of pinups come from?

Ever since prehistoric man picked up a piece of slate and drew an attractive girl on the wall of his cave, pinups have played an enduring part in popular culture.

Who are the most famous Pin Up Girls?

From Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe in the 1940’s and 1950’s to Dita von Teese today, pin-up girls have been displayed on walls and billboards for generations and admired by men and women alike.

Can a man be viewed as a pin-up?

Nowadays, of course, men are just as likely to be viewed as pin-ups as women – just take a look at the Justin Bieber posters on your younger sister’s wall if you don’t believe us! So, the first thing to decide upon is which celebrity to draw – do you go for a personal favorite or choose someone who’s flavor of the month?