What is a rescue blade?

Rescue Blade The blade is formulated to cut ferrous materials very fast with a high-speed gas saw. The turbo rim design of this diamond laser-welded blade makes it cut faster than any laser-welded diamond blade on the market.

What saw blades are worth sharpening?

You can sharpen steel-toothed circular saw blades yourself using a file. Carbide-tipped blades need to be taken to a professional sharpening service for two reasons: Carbide is so hard that you need a diamond wheel sharpener for it, and sharpening carbide blades is so complicated that you can easily ruin the blade.

How much does a K12 saw weight?

At only 23 pounds, the K12 has by far the best power-to-weight performance on the market. Pound per pound, we think it’s the most effective power cutter in the field. K-970 Fire/Rescue Saw Package Features: 95cc, 6.1 HP Husqvarna air-cooled 2-stroke engine.

Are Freud blades worth sharpening?

Even Freud has a quality line and a consumer line of blades. The quality line has much more carbide and is meant for repeated sharpening. Their consumer line has thinner carbide and is made to use and throw away but is much cheaper. Both are good deals depending on you usage and needs.

How many times can a table saw blade be sharpened?

Should I Replace or Resharpen My Blade? A good quality carbide blade can be sharpened 3-4 times before some or all the teeth need to be replaced and sharpening is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new blade.

What kind of saw is a k12?

The K-12 FIRE-RESCUE SAW is designed exclusively for the fire service, pound per pound this saw is the most effective power cutter in the field.

What are the blades of a team rescue saw?

The saw is a perfect balance between power and weight, paired this with our “Cuts Everything” blade bundle (1 each = Maxiblade & Piraya) and you will be ready to cut anything standing in your way. TEAM Rescue Blades perfect for all extrication, forcible entry and rescue operations!

How big is the team Husqvarna k12fd rescue saw?

The TEAM Husqvarna K12FD is the power house of our hand held cutting line in the fire service. When it comes to hand held gas-powered cutters for demanding jobs, with blades up to 16″ and cutting depths up to 6″, our largest model, the Husqvarna K12FD94-16, is in a class of its own.

How big is a team blazer rescue blade?

The TEAM Blazer carbide tip rescue blade, specially designed by TEAM for Fire Rescue work. 12″ diameter 16 tooth or 14″ diameter 18 tooth, 1″ arbor. FEMA – USAR Rescue Blade for all Rescue Saws. Cut concrete all day long with the Team USAR-FEMA diamond blade.

Which is the best rescue saw to buy?

TEAM Partner – Husqvarna K12FD94 bestselling all-around primary rescue saw with the best power to weight ratio and unlimited cutting capability. Featuring Husqvarna’s 6.5hp (94cc) 2-stroke advanced technology X-Torq air-cooled gas engine.