What is a good high school 100m time?

Short answer — No, 14.43 seconds is not a good time for 100m, that is what a non athlete late 12 year old should be aiming to get at 100m if they are male. For a female, at the age of 13 they should be aiming to achieve 13.2 on a professional level. If you are 14 and male, 11.6 seconds is a good time.

What is a fast 100-meter time for high school?

9.86 seconds
The official national high school record at 100 meters is 10 seconds flat, last achieved by Trentavis Friday of Cherryville, N.C., in 2014. Four-time Olympic medalist Ato Boldon, whose best in the 100 was 9.86 seconds, chimed in on Boling’s accomplishment on Twitter.

What is a good 100-meter time for a high school girl?

After participating in 52 weeks of training, 12- and 13-year-old girls should aim to run the 100-meter sprint in 13.2 seconds and the 200-meter sprint in 26.5 seconds. Intermediate female sprinters ages 14 and 15 should achieve a time of 11.6 seconds in the 100-meter sprint and 26 seconds in the 200-meter sprint.

Is 13 a good 100m?

Anything under 12 seconds for men in their prime is good, 13 seconds and under being the corresponding measure for women. This is for the average population out there. Under 11 seconds for men and under 12 seconds for women could be considered ‘great’.

Is 12 seconds fast for 100m?

How fast is a 12 second 100m? about 18.64 miles per hour(Distance of race/time in seconds)*2.237 gives you speed in miles per hour. So if you run a 100 meter dash in 12 seconds then (100/12)*2.237 = about 18.64 miles per hour.

What is the fastest 100 meter dash in high school?

On Saturday April 27, 2019, Houston Strake Jesuit senior Matthew Boling clocked the fastest 100m dash (under any condition) in high school history at a blistering 9.98 seconds. Astonishingly this is Boling’s first year running the 100m in competition.

What is the fastest time in the 100 meter dash?

Usain Bolt ran the 100 metres dash in a world record time of 9.58 seconds.

What is high school record for the 100 meter dash?

May 12, 2019 Matthew Boling set a national high-school record when he ran a 100-meter race in 10.13 seconds during the Texas Class 6A state championships event on Saturday. Boling, a senior…

What is an average time for 100 meter dash?

Good high school male male sprinters can run the 100 meter in under the low 11 or high 10 second range The average high school athlete kid (football player or basketball player) can probably run it in around 12–13 seconds. A high school boy who does no sports would likely be around 14–15 seconds.