What is a good 40 yard dash for a high school linebacker?

To recap, the average top linebacker draft pick in recent years is around 6-foot-2, 215 pounds with a 4.61 40-yard dash, 4.36 second shuttle and 35.1 inch vertical jump.

What is a good high school 40 yard dash time?

The average college football player is nearly a tenth of a second slower (e.g., a NFL Combine 4.5 after a high school 4.4) after four to five years in a college strength and conditioning program as he was when he entered that program. 93 players ran a sub-4.5 second 40 yard dash in high school.

What is the average 40 time for a freshman in high school?

Timed electronically, your 4.4 seconds quickly become 4.71. Most high school 40 times are recorded by individuals who are inexperienced in timing the 40-Yard Dash. If your buddy or parent timed you, your results might be even more skewed.

Is a 5.0 A good 40 yard dash time?

A 5.0 forty time is actually fast for your average guy. I’ll put it to you this way, if you wanted to make a second career out of betting guys at bars that they couldn’t break a 5.0 forty you could become a forty hustler.

How many mph is a 4.7 40-yard dash?

How fast is a 40 yard dash in mph? About 26 mph. If you have a 40-yard dash time, divide it into 80 to get an approximate miles per hour speed. So, if you have a 5 second 40-yard dash, you are going about 16 mph.

What’s considered a good 40-yard dash?

Most running backs clock it times between 4.40 and 4.70, with some running in the 4.30’s and some running higher than 4.70. Chris Johnson who ran a 4.24 seems to be an anomaly as he is the only running back in the last 20 years to run between 4.20 and 4.29.

How many mph is a 5 second 40?

So, if you have a 5 second 40-yard dash, you are going about 16 mph.

What would Usain Bolt’s 40 time be?

Usain Bolt runs 4.22-second 40-yard dash at Super Bowl.

Can a high school football player run a 40?

Every football player covets a fast 40-Yard Dash time. A blazing 40 can gain the attention of coaches and scouts, and it looks downright impressive. It’s a source of pride on the field, akin to a big Bench Press in the weight room. Yet it seems every high school football player we talk to can run a 4.40-second 40. Our immediate reaction: “Holy cow!

What makes a good linebacker in high school?

Strong enough to play on LOS in HS if necessary but athletic enough to play in coverage. Explodes on contact, visibly changing the LOS or driving ballcarriers backward. Displays loose hips and great knee bend, plays under his pads. Can match up with anyone and run them down.

What are the requirements for an inside linebacker?

All Area/District and Multi-Year All Conference. Defensive Captains with signal-calling experience are highly desirable for inside linebackers. Active player flashes decent movement. Flashes ability to stand blockers up and also to knock ball-carriers backward on contact.

Who was faster in the 40 yard dash in high school?

Oklahoma linebacker Tom Wort ran a 4.42-second 40-yard dash in high school, a time that was 0.05 seconds faster than the fastest NFL linebacker prospect at this year’s Combine. That was clearly too fast for the Sooners, who took this world-class athlete and slowed him down.