What is a CT sinus landmark?

Rewind 10 Seconds. Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses uses special x-ray equipment to evaluate the paranasal sinus cavities – hollow, air-filled spaces within the bones of the face surrounding the nasal cavity. CT scanning is painless, noninvasive and accurate.

What are CT protocols?

A CT protocol is a set of parameters that specify a specific exam and contrast delivery requirements.

What is CPT code for CT kidney stone protocol?

A CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with and without contrast is ordered.” Report a single code (74176, 74177, 74178) per claim.

What does a maxillofacial CT scan show?

About the Scan – Maxillofacial CT Scan These face scans evaluate the bones of the face including the orbits, sinuses, mandible (jaw), and teeth. This scan can detect fractures, orbit injury, sinus infections, eye infections, and tumors of the face and nearby tissues.

What does chronic sinusitis look like on a CT scan?

CT. A characteristic feature on CT sinuses is sclerotic thickened bone (hyperostosis) involving the sinus wall from a prolonged mucoperiosteal reaction. Intrasinus calcification may be present. The presence of opacification is not a good discriminator from an acute sinus infection.

Is MRI or CT scan better for sinuses?

MRI allows better differentiation of soft tissue structures within the sinuses. It is used occasionally in cases of suspected tumors or fungal sinusitis. 17–19 Otherwise, MRI has no advantages over CT scanning in the evaluation of sinusitis.

What is CT pancreatic protocol?

The CT pancreas protocol serves as an outline for a dedicated examination of the pancreas. As a separate examination, it is usually conducted as a biphasic contrast study and might be conducted as a part of other scans such as CT abdomen-pelvis, CT chest-abdomen-pelvis.

What does a CT Urogram look for?

A CT urogram is used to examine the kidneys, ureters and bladder. It lets your doctor see the size and shape of these structures to determine if they’re working properly and to look for any signs of disease that may affect your urinary system.

What is CT Urogram with contrast?

A CT urogram is a test using a CT scan and special dye (contrast medium) to look at the urinary system. The contrast medium helps show up the urinary system more clearly.

What is CT Urogram used for?

A computerized tomography (CT) urogram is an imaging exam used to evaluate the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, bladder and the tubes (ureters) that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

How is a maxillofacial CT scan done?

You will be asked to lay flat on your back on the examination table. Patients requiring injection of a contrast material, will then have an IV inserted in a small vein in the arm by one of technologists. The table will start moving, first slowly and then relatively more rapidly when the actual CT is performed.