What is a conceptualization in psychology?

n. the process of forming concepts, particularly those of an abstract nature, out of experience or learned material.

What is behavioral conceptualization?

Behavioral case conceptualization draws on behavioral theory to understand clients, including the emphasis on observable behaviors and learning principles.

What is conceptualization in child development?

Conceptualization is a cognitive process that abstracts and generalizes meaningful properties of space and time as well as identifies geographic entities or features that are significant to problems on hand.

What is conceptualization with example?

Conceptualization is the process of specifying what we mean when we use particular terms. It is the reverse process of conception. ∎ Example: When we see the concept “feminism”, we make a list of phenomena representing the concept. The list could include the three items listed on the previous slide.

What are case conceptualization skills?

Case conceptualization is the process of evaluating, assessing, and synthesizing the totality of clients’ presenting problems and case histories while looking for emergent patterns (Schwitzer & Rubin, 2012. Diagnosis and treatment planning skills for mental health professionals: A popular culture casebook approach.

What is operationalizing psychology?

Operationalization is the process by which a researcher defines how a concept is measured, observed, or manipulated within a particular study. This process translates the theoretical, conceptual variable of interest into a set of specific operations or procedures that define the variable’s meaning in a specific study.

What are the 5 P’s of case formulation?

They conceptualized a way to look at clients and their problems, systematically and holistically taking into consideration the (1) Presenting problem, (2) Predisposing factors, (3) Precipitating factors, (4) Perpetuating factors, and (5) Protective factors.

What should a case conceptualization include?

Information from the client’s past history, the client’s present history, behavioral observations in the treatment session, and other sources may be included in the overall case conceptualization as appropriate to building an effective analysis of the client.

What’s another word for conceptualization?

What is another word for conceptualization?

conception notion
speculation version
musing conceit
design plan
dream imagining

What is Operationalised in psychology?

Operationalisation is the term used to describe how a variable is clearly defined by the researcher. The term operationalisation can be applied to independent variables (IV), dependent variables (DV) or co-variables (in a correlational design).

What is the importance of conceptualization?

In deductive research, conceptualization helps to translate portions of an abstract theory into testable hypotheses involving specific variables. In inductive research, conceptualization is an important part of the process used to make sense of related observations.

What does conceptualizing mean?

The definition of conceptualization is the process of envisioning an idea. When you brainstorm about a new product and you come up with a brand to bring the new product to the market, this is an example of conceptualization. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Conceptualization.”.

What is problem conceptualization?

What is Problem Conceptualization. 1. This is the stage in the modeling process where the modeler focuses on understanding the problematic behavior over time and the important feedback processes associated with it.

What is a case conceptualization in therapy?

A case conceptualization is a snap-shot of the client from the perspective of a therapist or treatment team.