What is a better word for good?

What is another word for good?

excellent exceptional
positive satisfactory
satisfying superb
wonderful acceptable
affable agreeable

What is another word for really good?

What is another word for really good?

quality excellent
super superb
superior supreme
wonderful accomplished
admirable advanced

What is the meaning of brushwork?

: work done with a brush (as in painting) especially : the characteristic work of an artist using a brush.

What are 3 synonyms for the word great?

synonyms for great

  • big.
  • enormous.
  • high.
  • huge.
  • immense.
  • strong.
  • terrible.
  • tremendous.

What is broken brushwork?

Broken brushwork refer to an area on the painting in which the brushstrokes remain discernible and independent. The brushstrokes are not smoothed or graded into each other.

How can I improve my brush strokes?

15 tips to improve your brush skills

  1. Have some fun. ‘Painting by the pound’ can add energy and emotion to a painting.
  2. Prepare your paint. When painting by the pound, the viscosity of the paint is crucial.
  3. Use a knife.
  4. Be generous.
  5. Create a mood.
  6. Try fingerpainting.
  7. Try crisp edges.
  8. Add a new twist.

Did well thesaurus?

What is another word for did well?

passed nailed
done well done with ease
gotten an A on fulfilled
accomplished completed
achieved succeeded