What instruments are in Get Up Offa That Thing?

Credits and personnel

  • Russell Crimes – trumpet.
  • Holly Ferris – trombone.
  • St. Clair Pinckney – tenor saxophone.
  • Peyton Johnson – tenor saxophone.
  • Joe Poff Jr. – alto saxophone.
  • Jimmy Nolen – guitar.
  • Robert Lee Coleman – guitar.
  • Charles Sherrell – clavinet.

Who plays the song Get Up?

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What genre is Get Up Offa That Thing?

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Who did James Brown influence?

He was 73 years old. Brown is unquestionably one of the most influential musical pioneers of the last half-century. The Godfather of Soul, the inventor of funk, the grandfather of hip-hop—Brown is cited as a seminal influence by artists ranging from Mick Jagger to Michael Jackson to Afrika Bambaataa to Jay-Z.

Who wrote Get Up Offa That Thing?

James Brown
Yamma BrownDeanna Brown ThomasDeidre BrownDeidre Jenkins
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When did get up offa that thing come out?

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Who sings I get up I get down?

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What did Lauryn Hill mean by that thing?

“Doo-Wop (That Thing”) was the debut single off of American rapper Lauryn Hill’s debut album: “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, released in August of 1998. The track is a warning to both men and women to not be exploited by one another for “that thing”, meaning sexual intercourse.

Who sings that thing that thing?

Lauryn Hill
Doo Wop (That Thing)/Artists

Why is James Brown so influential?

Brown not only directly helped create the genres of soul, funk, and modern R&B, he indirectly influenced an even wider range of artists, encouraging musicians to follow the rhythm and the groove rather than simply adhering to typical musical conventions and structure.

What makes James Brown unique?

Brown’s uncanny ability to “scream” on key, to sing soulful slow ballads as well as electrifying up-tempo tunes, to plumb the rhythmic possibilities of the human voice and instrumental accompaniment, and to blend blues, gospel, jazz, and country vocal styles together made him one of the most influential vocalists of …