What happens if you relay to Mass Fusion?

Upon entering the relay, one will get a warning that relaying to the Mass Fusion building will make them a permanent enemy to the Brotherhood of Steel. Continue and the player will be teleported to the Mass Fusion executive suite.

Why can’ti relay Mass Fusion?

Referencing the wikia article for Mass Fusion there is a glitch where you are unable to relay into Mass Fusion when you are enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel – which you are. As the wikia article states, the only solution to this is to load a save game before becoming hostile to the Brotherhood.

Does Mass Fusion make brotherhood hostile?

Mass Fusion (/ Spoils of War) Alternatively, by informing the Brotherhood, Spoils of War will start, and boarding the Vertibird that spawns on the Prydwen will make the Institute hostile.

How do I start Mass Fusion?

Mass Fusion begins directly after completing Mankind Redefined. Head downstairs to speak with Allie about the mission Father is sending you on. She will tell you of the plan, to get a special item that will help them get the Nuclear Reactor going quicker. Head to the Relay, as you can’t fast travel out.

Should I board the Vertibird to mass fusion?

Don’t Board the Vertibird. Instead, exit the area and make a trip to the Institute. Inform them of the Brotherhood’s plans, and solidify your newfound loyalty to the Institute faction. This will begin the Institute Quest: Mass Fusion.

How do you turn the power on in mass fusion building?

Locate the Mass Fusion Labs Key on a desk in a nearby room, then use the terminal (Expert) to restore power. If you get the power back on, use the elevator to travel down to the lobby. Once there, fight off the Synths, then use the smaller elevator to get down to the lab holding the Beryllium Agitator.

Where is the key for mass fusion?

Mass Fusion labs key – On the level with the glass floor in the northwest office room on a desk. Executive key and ID card – In the desk within the executive suite. Accessible during Mass Fusion or Spoils of War.

How do you turn the power on in Mass Fusion Building?

How do you relay to mass fusion in Fallout 4?

Relay to Mass Fusion. Head to the top level of the Institute to automatically relay to the top floor of the Mass Fusion building. Doing so immediately cuts your ties to the Brotherhood of Steel. Head to the Institute, then take the elevator directly up to where you first entered.

What happens when you go to mass fusion?

She will be insulted but will not accompany the player. When ready to continue, take the central elevator up to the Relay room. Upon entering the relay, one will get a warning that relaying to the Mass Fusion building will make them a permanent enemy to the Brotherhood of Steel.

How do you restore power in mass fusion?

Power can be restored either by using the development manager’s terminal on the first level, or alternatively by flipping the circuit breaker located on the second level. The quest marker only points to the circuit breaker, but either method can be used successfully.

Where to find fuse box in mass fusion?

It would be good to complete the optional quest objective, where you need to restore power supply to the elevator. To do this, jump to reach the balconies above and go to the marked room, where you find the fuse box. You can now return to the elevator and wait for it to reach the next floor.