What happened to Masoe?

The former NRL player suffered a horrific spinal injury for Hull in the English Super League in January 2020. Masoe’s doctors said he would never walk again, but four months later — after radical spinal surgery — he took his first steps.

How did Mose Masoe break his neck?

On January 12 last year, when co-captaining Hull KR in a trial game against Wakefield, Masoe attempted a tackle that went wrong and left him paralysed from the shoulders down. “It’s not just physical but it’s a mental game,” said Masoe, who hopes to return home to Australia later this year.

What is the Mose Masoe foundation?

The Mose Masoe Foundation is being launched in light of Mose’s situation to; Provide relief of financial hardship amongst current and former rugby players by making grants of money for providing or paying for items, services or facilities. Raise awareness of spinal injuries arising through playing rugby.

How tall is Mose Masoe?

1.92 m
Mose Masoe/Height

How did Alex McKinnon become a quadriplegic?

Alex became a quadriplegic after the Newcastle forward was involved in an awkward tackle against Melbourne in 2014 when he was just 22. But his relationship with Teigan stayed strong and the couple now have three children, with the twins joining their two-and-a-half-year-old sister Harriett.

Is Mose Masoe Paralysed?

Masoe has been diagnosed as a tetraplegic, which means the partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso. It is one of the worst forms of paralysis.

Can quadriplegics have intimacy?

But while feeling sexual pleasure again after a spinal cord injury isn’t easy, and for some takes years (or decades), it is indeed possible for many quadriplegics.

Where does Mose Masoe live?

Mose, his partner, Carissa and their three young children, daughters, Evie-Rose and Marlowe and baby son, Lui, are to return home to Australia in November and are in need of huge financial help to cover the cost of all the support and care they will require, with uncertainty still remaining over a possible insurance …

Can Alex McKinnon use his arms?

McKinnon has regained movement in his arms and can stand with the help of a forearm walker ahead of his wedding to fiancee Teigan Power in October. He is also completing an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management after leaving a junior recruitment role at the Knights in January.

Who broke Mckinnons neck?

Jordan McLean
McKinnon, 22, was the victim of a dangerous throw by Jordan McLean, which has seen the Melbourne forward referred straight to the NRL judiciary at a date still to be determined and stood down from the Storm’s next match against Canterbury in Perth.

What kind of injury did Mose Masoe have?

Mose Masoe has lifted the lid on his devastating spinal injury after a foundation was launched in his name to help both him and other players in similar situations. Masoe suffered a career-ending and life-changing spinal injury last January playing for Hull KR, damaging two vertebrae in his spine.

What kind of carer is Mose Masoe now?

As his partner of 10 years, and mother to three of his young children, Evie-Rose, Marlowe and Lui, Carissa is now Masoe’s full-time carer. She has to provide round the clock assistance and care, including helping him to go to the toilet, as his bladder and bowels do not function naturally.

How can I donate to the Mose Masoe Foundation?

The Mose Masoe Foundation has been launched to raise funds for players like the Samoan international and Super League will dedicate its Easter round to him. Fans are being urged to buy virtual tickets to matches and can choose to donate either £5, £10, £15, or £20.