What happened in the last episode of Waterloo Road?

March 9, 2015
Waterloo Road/Final episode date

When did Waterloo Road finish?

Is Waterloo Road coming back 2021?

Waterloo Road is returning to BBC One, the broadcaster has announced. The long-running drama series, set in a comprehensive school, is making a comeback after six years off screen.

Does Mika kill herself Waterloo Road?

Andrew and Lorna, who now has her own flat and seems more secure,start dating but the hate campaign against Mika ends up with her attempting suicide before a contrite Leigh-Ann reconciles with her.

Who is bullying Bonnie in Waterloo Road?

Leo Fitzgerald
Moments later the real bully is revealed to be Leo Fitzgerald. Bonnie confronts Justin in episode 19, still believing him to be the culprit, however Kenzie later proves that it was in fact Leo.

What happens to Lorna in Waterloo Road?

She invites Tom and Izzie to a fancy house where they became friends again, and in her bed, Lorna overdoses and passes in the hands of her two best friends, Tom and Izzie. She wrote a suicide note. The whole of Waterloo Road was shocked when hearing that Lorna has passed away.

Why did Tom Clarkson leave Waterloo Road?

How are you feeling now that your time on Waterloo Road has come to an end? “It’s mixed emotions, really, because I’m a sentimental old fool at heart and will always have fantastic memories of working on the show. It was my decision to leave, because I just thought that life is about taking risks.

Does Chlo ever come back to Waterloo Road?

At the hospital, Chlo decides she doesn’t want to give up the baby after all, and at the end of the series, Chlo, Donte and Izzie move to Manchester for University. They are not seen on the show again.

Why did Angela Griffin leave Waterloo Road?

Angela Griffin has confirmed that her Waterloo Road character will not bow out of the show in dramatic fashion. The actress confirmed last year that she was leaving her role as Kim Campbell on the BBC drama in order to concentrate on other projects. It’s not going to be dramatic. I don’t die, I can tell you that much!”

Does CHLO and Donte come back to Waterloo Road?

Donte doesn’t believe Celine and decides to save Chlo from the fire, resulting in Donte and Chlo getting back together. In Series 4 Episode 4, Chlo and Donte move out of Chlo’s family home to live in a flat.

Why did they kill off Izzie Redpath?

Isobel ‘Izzie’ Redpath was the mother of Mika and Chlo Grainger, and a popular drama teacher at Waterloo Road during series 1 and 2….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Isobel Redpath
Cause/Reason Died after being accidentally stabbed by Jed Seddon
Born 1970
Died 2007 (Age 37)
Occupation Drama Teacher Head of Drama

Is there going to be a new series of Waterloo Road?

So sit back, grab a pot of Pringles and enjoy almost two hours of pure Waterloo Road nostalgia. In more telly-related news, the next UK series of Married At First sight is set for a huge twist following the nation’s adoption of MAFS Australia.

When did Angela from Waterloo Road leave the show?

Since leaving Waterloo Road for good in 2010 (she took a break at the end of 2007, returning in 2009), Angela has starred in a number of TV dramas including Netflix’s White Lines, ITV’s Lewis and Midsomer Murders. She’s also starred on the stage in One Man, Two Guvnors alongside James Corden.

Who is the girl who played CHLO in Waterloo Road?

Since leaving Waterloo Road Jill has taken on a number big TV roles. Most recently, she starred in ITV’s epic drama Liar. Katie played Chlo from series 1 to 4. Chlo made up one half of our fave TV couple ever, marrying her childhood sweetheart Donte Charles as soon as she turned 16.

Who was the French teacher in Waterloo Road?

Denise played Waterloo Road’s relatively useless but fun-loving french teacher Steph Haydock from series 1 until the end of series 5. Despite her reputation as a bit of a gossip, Steph’s big heart and caring nature saw her take in troubled student Maxine Barlow.