What happened Graham Coxon?

Graham lives in London.

Are Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn still friends?

Graham Coxon says new Blur album helped him and Damon Albarn ‘make amends’ Despite being long-term friends, the pair had an often stormy working relationship, and fell out after Coxon left the band during the making of the group’s last studio LP, 2003’s ‘Think Tank’.

When did Graham leave Blur?

October 2002 – An interview with Q magazine confirms that Graham Coxon has left Blur. He claims that he was phoned by the band’s manager and asked to leave. “It was something to do with my attitude,” he told the magazine.

How old is Graham Coxon?

52 years (March 12, 1969)
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Why did Blur split up?

Blur are an English rock band. Coxon left the band during early recording sessions for Think Tank, and Blur disbanded for several years after the end of the album’s associated tour, with the members engaged in other projects.

Are blur still friends?

Blur has not officially broken up, however they have been on an extended hiatus for several years. The band began with Damon Albarn, who along with his childhood friend Graham Covon met Alex James while they were studying at Goldsmith’s College. Damon joined a band called Circus, whose drummer was Dave Rowntree.

When did blur split up?

Blur epitomised the era of Britpop, along with the Manchester group Oasis but broke up in 2002 when the lead guitarist Graham Coxon quit.

Is blur still together 2020?

Why did blur split up?

Who sold more Blur or Oasis?

In the end, Blur came out on top in 1995, outselling their rivals by 58,000 copies, by 274,000 to 216,000. The result was finally announced on Sunday 13 August 1995, followed by a Top of the Pops which saw Blur introduced by Pulp lead singer Jarvis Cocker, Blur’s bassist Alex James wearing an ‘Oasis’ t-shirt.

When did Graham Coxon start his solo career?

Coxon had already released three solo albums while a member of Blur before his 2002 departure. His first, released on his own Transcopic label was The Sky Is Too High in 1998, a ramshackle mixture of English folk music and 1960s-style garage rock, influenced by Billy Childish.

When did Graham Coxon release his fifth album?

In 2004, Coxon released his fifth solo album Happiness in Magazines, produced by ex-Blur and The Smiths producer Stephen Street. This proved to be his most successful album to date, and he received the NME Award for Best Solo Artist in 2005.

Why did Graham Coxon leave the band think tank?

In February 2002, Coxon rejoined the band in the studio for the rest of the recording of Think Tank but after five days was asked by then manager Chris Morrison not to go back into the studio as the other members of the band had reported that the session was not going too well with him present. Coxon took this as a sign and left the band.

Why was Graham Coxon in the Priory Hospital?

His behaviour was occasionally awkward, such as refusing to appear in the video for Blur song ” Country House ” unless he could dress as a milkman and take no part in any action with which he felt uncomfortable. In November 2001 Coxon was admitted to the Priory Hospital for 28 days to be treated for alcoholism.