What gender is Centre commercial in French?

Agreement of adjectives

Noun Explanation
2. les cheveux Cheveux is plural and masculine, so the adjective must be masculine and plural too.
3. les tantes Tantes is plural and feminine, so the adjective must end in -es.
4. le centre commercial Centre commercial is masculine, so the adjective must be masculine.

Is Le Centre commercial masculine or feminine?

The French translation for “the shopping centre” is le centre commercial. The French, le centre commercial, can be broken down into 2 parts:”the (masculine)” (le) and “shopping centre (British); mall (American)” (centre commercial).

What does commercial mean in French?

(= advert) annonce f publicitaire ⧫ spot m (publicitaire)

Is professions in French masculine or feminine?

Note that many French professions have only a masculine form. Even if you are a female professor, for example, you would have to say that you are un professeur, which takes the masculine form, including the masculine article, un.

What’s the meaning of La Fete?

English Translation. celebration. More meanings for la fête. the celebration.

What is a central commercial in English?

masculine noun. shopping centre (Brit) ⧫ shopping mall (USA)

Is Piscine feminine or masculine?

This being said : “examen” is masculin singular and “piscine” is feminine singular.

Why is fête pronounced fate?

The word fate is derived from the Latin word fatum, meaning that which has been spoken, specifically spoken by the gods. Fete means a festival, particularly a lavish or outdoor festival or celebration. Fete is a loanword from French, an anglicization of the word fête.

Is Musée masculine or feminine?

As it turns out, even though musée ends in -ée, it is actually a masculine noun. So occupé is correct. Musée is not the only word that’s masculine despite ending in -ée.

What does centre commercial mean in British English?

‘centre commercial’ in Other Languages. British English: mall NOUN. A mall is a very large enclosed shopping area. American English: mall. Brazilian Portuguese: shopping. Chinese: 大型购物区. European Spanish: centro comercial.

What’s the difference between a mall and a centre commercial?

‘centre commercial’ in Other Languages. A mall is a very large enclosed shopping area. A shopping mall is a specially built covered area containing shops and restaurants which people can walk between, and where cars are not allowed.

Are there any flashcards that are masculine or feminine?

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How are adjectives related to gender and number in French?

Adjectives describe a noun and all French adjectives agree with the noun in gender and number. The general rule is that for feminine nouns, add -e, for masculine plural nouns, add -s, and for feminine plural nouns, add -es. Those intensifiers go before the adjective. For example: Sa maison est très moderne. – His/Her house is very modern.