What fruits are allowed on the 17 day diet?

Low-sugar fruits: Apples, oranges, berries (all), peaches, grapefruit, pears, plums, prunes, prickly pear cactus, red grapes. Probiotic foods: Sugar-free, fruit-flavored, plain and low-fat yogurt (such as Greek-style), Yakult, kefir, low-fat acidophilus milk, tempeh, reduced-salt miso, kimchi.

How much does the 17 day diet cost?

Mike’s 17 Day Diet Pack” costs $69.88 for roughly a one-month supply. Easy to fall off track during the last cycle: During the last cycle, you’re allowed the freedom to eat your favorite meals three times per week. However, it can be easy to overeat or binge on weekends — negating achieved weight loss.

What foods can you eat on the 17 day detox diet?

Cycle 1 is also known as the “detox cycle”. It’s in this cycle where you’ll remove from your diet added sugars, refined carbs and other starchy vegetables, grains and high-sugar fruits. You’ll stay on this cycle for no more than 17 days.

Who is the author of the 17 day diet?

The newest edition of the best-selling 17 Day Diet by Mike Moreno, MD, promises to help you rev up your fat-burning metabolism, shed pounds, and build healthy new habits. The key, according to the San Diego family medicine doctor, lies in changing your calorie count and food combinations every 17 days for four cycles.

Can you eat proteins on the 17 day diet?

ALLOWED PROTEINS on 17 day diet Cycle 2 & 3. To clarify, this is an expanded list that goes along with above 17 day diet food list for proteins. NOTE: Above all, proteins are unlimited.

How long is the 17 day diet cycle 2?

Cycle 2 is also known as the “body confusion cycle”. You’ll stay on this cycle no longer than 17 days. The 17 Day Diet Cycle 2 portion of the plan is all about keeping your body from experiencing a plateau through alternating high and low caloric days.