What episode of K-on does UI get sick?

In Episode 17 of Season 2 No Club Room, when Ui is sick, she wakes up and looks at the lyrics Yui wrote. I am watching the English-dubbed version and on the top of the paper the song is titled “U and I”.

How long would it take to finish K-on?

How Long Will It Take To Complete K-On! It will take you 18 hours and 53 minutes to watch all the installments in K-On! This includes all the seasons, specials and the movie. If you do not watch the specials and only stick to the two seasons and one movie, 17 hours and 26 minutes.

What happens in the first episode of K-on?

Knight, also written as knight, is the first episode of the K anime. It premiered on October 4, 2012. While taking action against a small gang, HOMRA is approached by those of Scepter 4; such confrontation quickly results in the leaders of both groups, Mikoto and Munakata, clashing with one another.

Does K-on have OVAS?

At their industry panel at Anime Expo 2010, anime distributor Bandai Entertainment announced that they have acquired the first season of K-On! for a BD/DVD release. An OVA episode was included with the ninth BD/DVD volume of the second season released on March 16, 2011.

How many season is K-on?

two seasons
OVA: Plan! K-on! (Keion! “けいおん!”) is the anime adaption of Kakifly’s manga of the same name, which was produced by Kyoto Animation and aired in Japan between 2009 and 2010 in two seasons.

Is K-on a good show?

The characters in this anime are a lot of fun, and very different in personality. “K-ON!” is not for everyone, but if you like cute and silly characters with a cute and silly story, then I definitely recommend giving it a shot. Just don’t expect any real seriousness, except for when they prepare for concerts.

How does Mio find out that ritsu is sick?

The next day, Mio visits Ritsu’s, Yui’s and Tsumugi’s class and finds out that Ritsu is sick at home with a fever. After school, she visits Ritsu at home and the two make up again.

Why does Ritsu wish she had a sister like UI?

This has been used on occasion to tease Yui, though it is obvious to the three that Ui and Yui love and care for each other. Ritsu at times envies that and more than once she and the others wished they had a sister like Ui.

Where does Azusa go in K-on crisis?

Sitting in the Light Music Club room, Azusa looks forward to her first live performance and asks the other members about the concert last year. Mio, embarrassed over her accident last time, tries to prevent anyone from telling Azusa what happened, but Ritsu and Yui subdue her while Sawako Yamanaka shows her the footage of the performance.

Why did Megumi give the club to Ritsu?

As Ritsu’s pleas seem to be ineffective, Nodoka vouches for the club, citing Ritsu’s illness as the reason the form wasn’t filled out on time. This convinces Megumi to give the club until the end of the day. Elated by Nodoka’s support, Ritsu reconciles with her immediately.