What episode does Killian and Freya get together?

Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake
In Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake, Killian confesses that Freya that he is in love with her and they belong together at Freya’s birthday party. He is seen staring at Freya at the party. Freya and Killian are later seen making love.

Does Eva get pregnant by Killian?

It is also revealed that Eva has intentions of becoming pregnant with Killian’s offspring. In Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake, Eva’s “grandmother” Alma pays them a visit, it is later revealed in the episode that Alma is in fact Eva’s 90 year old daughter.

How many episodes are in Witches of East End Season 2?

Witches of East End – Season 2/Number of episodes
The second and final season of Witches of East End premiered on July 6, 2014 and concluded on October 5, 2014. It consisted of 13 episodes, each running 40–45 minutes approx. The series is based loosely on the book of the same by Melissa de la Cruz.

Who does Ingrid end up with?

This is the relationship between Ingrid Beauchamp and Dash Gardiner. They were going to be in-laws as Dash and Freya were supposed to get married in Season 1, but Freya ended their relationship on their wedding day….

Ingrid and Dash
First met Before Pilot, when Dash and Freya met

Who is Ingrid’s baby daddy?

Trivia. Dash Gardiner is revealed to be the father in the book Triple Moon, so the child was conceived on September 7, 2014, in the episode Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake.

Do Keelin and Freya get married?

[Freya] is still happily married with her wife Keelin, and they have a child. Yes, they have a little son named Nik who — I guess you can assume who [he’s] named after. The Freelin fans will be very happy. The family didn’t even know Freya was alive, and Klaus didn’t trust her at first.

Who did Freya marry?

Freyja is married to Óðr, who goes on long travels, and the two have a very fair daughter by the name of Hnoss. While Óðr is absent, Freyja stays behind and in her sorrow she weeps tears of red gold.