What does triforium mean in architecture?

Triforium, in architecture, space in a church above the nave arcade, below the clerestory, and extending over the vaults, or ceilings, of the side aisles. With the development of the Gothic vaulting system in France, the triforium diminished in size and importance.

What is the difference between a triforium and gallery?

As nouns the difference between gallery and triforium is that gallery is an institution, building, or room for the exhibition and conservation of works of art while triforium is the gallery of arches above the side-aisle vaulting in the nave of a church.

What is triforium gallery?

A triforium is an interior gallery, opening onto the tall central space of a building at an upper level. In a church, it opens onto the nave from above the side aisles; it may occur at the level of the clerestory windows, or it may be located as a separate level below the clerestory.

What is a tribune gallery?

gallery or tribune: An upper story over the aisle which opens onto the nave or choir. It corresponds in length and width to the dimensions of the aisle below it.

What is fan vault in architecture?

A fan vault is a form of vault used in the Gothic style, in which the ribs are all of the same curve and spaced equidistantly, in a manner resembling a fan. The initiation and propagation of this design element is strongly associated with England.

What is rib vault in architecture?

rib vault, also called ribbed vault, in building construction, a skeleton of arches or ribs on which masonry can be laid to form a ceiling or roof. Unlike the round arches used in Romanesque cathedrals, pointed arches could be raised as high over a short span as over a long one.

Which is the correct definition for a Triforium?

: a gallery forming an upper story to the aisle of a church and typically an arcaded story between the nave arches and clerestory.

What is a gallery architecture?

Gallery, in architecture, any covered passage that is open at one side, such as a portico or a colonnade. More specifically, in late medieval and Renaissance Italian architecture, it is a narrow balcony or platform running the length of a wall.

What is a Tribune speech?

Tribune is an ambiguous – and often misused – architectural term, which can have several meanings. Today, it most often refers to a dais or stage-like platform or, in a vaguer sense, any place from which a speech can be prominently made.

Is fan vaulting only used in England?

The initiation and propagation of this design element is strongly associated with England. The fan vault is peculiar to England. The lierne vault of the cathedral of Barbastro in northern Spain closely resembles a fan vault, but it does not form a perfect conoid.

What materials are in fan vaults?

The fan vaults of Gloucester cloister were constructed from centring bays based upon earlier Norman foundations. From a single stone pilaster a ring of jointed masonry was laid in line with the curvature of the conoid. Subsequent rings were corbelled following this arch until the curved blocks met at the apex.

Why are flying buttresses important?

An arch that extends out from a tall stone wall is a flying buttress, an architectural feature that was especially popular during the Gothic period. The practical purpose of a flying buttress is to help hold the heavy wall up by pushing from the outside—a buttress is a support—but it also serves an aesthetic purpose.