What does Tiffany Atlas collection mean?

With an aesthetic that has gained an unmistakably Tiffany appeal over the years, the Atlas® collection is named after the mythological Greek titan who is depicted in a wooden statue holding a clock above the main doors of the Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue flagship store.

What is the Atlas clock?

As if transported from a mid-century aerospace laboratory, the Atlas Wall Clock indicates the time in a bold, industrial fashion. The solid domed glass crystal projects a magnified view of the Arabic dial with distinctive slotted hour and minute hands.

How do you change the battery on a Tiffany clock?

How to Change a Tiffany Clock Battery

  1. Clock back.
  2. Locate the retaining screw on the back of the clock.
  3. Remove the battery cover from the clock movement using a small screwdriver.
  4. Remove the old battery, and install a new one of the same type.
  5. Check to see that the second hand is moving.

What is the Atlas ring?

Atlas jewelry owes its name to the Greek God Atlas, and plays around with Roman numerals, which are found in all jewelry of the line. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are all available in the Tiffany and Co. Atlas collection.

What does XII III VI IX mean?

A Roman numeral “XII” appears above the face, a Roman numeral “III” appears to the right of the face, a Roman numeral “VI” appears below the face and a Roman numeral “IX” appears to the left of the face.

Does Tiffany do free repairs?

When you purchase an engagement ring, you become a valued member of the Tiffany family. We pride ourselves on providing continuous premium service, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing and a full lifetime warranty.

How do you open a roman numeral bracelet?

Press DOWN on “those roman numerals at the same time you are pushing UP on the back (solid) part of the band… you will see the connector separate, and that is how I open my bracelet; it will not break.

What is the Roman numeral of 14?

Roman Numerals

# RN
14 XIV
15 XV
16 XVI

Can I sleep with my Tiffany necklace on?

“You can potentially damage your jewelry by constantly wearing it, but there are no major health risks to wearing jewelry every day, which includes sleeping and showering,” she says (unless you’re wearing costume jewelry, but we’ll get to that later).

Why is my Tiffany ring turning black?

Tarnishing is caused by a chemical reaction and often can be reversed. Tiffany & Co will use a silver cleaning cloth to clean your silver Tiffany items, but you can also purchase these at Tiffany locations, a local jeweler or even online. Gold and platinum jewelry will not tarnish, but they could lose their shine.

When did Tiffany and co remove the Atlas clock?

According to Tiffany & Co., “The limestone, granite and marble façade is free of ornamentation, except for the famous Atlas clock.” In 1980 Tiffany & Co. introduced the Atlas wristwatch, based on the design of the iconic clock outside. Atlas was removed in 1990 for restoration and again in 2006.

Where was the Atlas clock in Union Square?

For 35 years the Atlas clock served shoppers and businessmen rushing along busy Union Square until Tiffany & Co. moved once again – this time to the imposing white marble palazzo designed by Stanford White on Fifth Avenue between 36th and 37th Streets. By now the Atlas clock was as much a symbol of Tiffany as was the robin’s egg blue box.

When did the Tiffany Atlas wristwatch come out?

In 1980 Tiffany & Co. introduced the Atlas wristwatch, based on the design of the iconic clock outside. Atlas was removed in 1990 for restoration and again in 2006. After more than a century and a half, Henry Frederick Metzler’s functional sculpture remains a fixture on Fifth Avenue and a priceless symbol of a firm.

What are the new Atlas numerals from Tiffany?

Featuring strong silhouettes, our new Atlas X designs are a powerful reminder to take time into your own hands. Unable to complete your search. Please try again, or call 800 843 3269. Tailored just for you, our in-store and virtual appointments are designed to make your day easier.