What does the HBDI measure?

The HBDI® was developed to measure human mental preferences described by the Whole Brain® Model. Specifically, the instrument was developed to measure the four integrated systems that effectively describe clusters of individualized preferences.

What is the concept of whole brain thinking?

Whole Brain® Thinking is a theory that’s been around since the 1970’s. It focuses on the thinking preferences of different people and it aims to enlighten training professionals and learners on the nuances of the brain when learning. Tremendously popular, it’s one of the most common approaches to learning.

Who is the father of brain dominance theory?

William Edward Herrmann
Ned Herrmann. William Edward Herrmann (1922 – December 24, 1999) was an American creativity researcher and author, known for his research in creative thinking and whole-brain methods. He is considered the “father of brain dominance technology.”

What are the benefits of whole brain thinking?

Whole Brain Thinking® introduces a common vocabulary that allows for ideas and information to be shared and more importantly, understood, by everyone without the chance of being misunderstood. By revealing the HBDI profile for individuals, we gain insight into the way that they understand information.

What are the principles of brain based learning?

“The brain processes parts and wholes simultaneously.” “Learning involves both focused attention and peripheral perception.” “Learning always involves conscious and unconscious processes.” “We have at least two different types of memory: a spatial memory system and a set of systems for rote learning.”

How much does HBDI cost?

The cost is $500 for the results package and results overview.

How is the whole brain technology model related to HBDI?

Directly related to this is the, also patented, Whole Brain Technology Model®. Both are inextricably linked. Hermann developed the HBDI on the basis of a large diversity of human behavioural analyses. It provides an overview of the different thinking styles that people usually have, use, and apply.

What does HBDI stand for in brain dominance instrument?

HBDI® stands for Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®. Here’s what it is, how it works, where it came from. The HBDI® is not about what you think, but it certainly is about the way you think. It’s about thinking preference and how that varies in individuals.

How did Herrmann come up with the HBDI?

Herrmann created his Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) based on his Whole Brain Model Theory. He created his model to illustrate that each person’s brain basically has four quadrants when it comes to the process of thinking and learning .

What does the B in HBDI stand for?

It was in doing this that Ned developed what has become known as The Whole Brain® Model and Whole Brain® Thinking. The “B” in HBDI® stands for brain. Ned Herrmann’s work was based on the brain and its application to business.