What does ORA 08004 mean?

As depicted from the error message, this occurs when a sequence exceeds the MAXVALUE defined for that sequence. In such cases you have many options on the basis of your requirements, either you can increase the MAXVALUE or the reset the current value of the sequences.

How do you change the maximum value of a sequence in Oracle?

In Oracle it is possible to alter an existing Oracle sequence. To accomplish this you can use the Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE command….And optionally can use one or more of the following:

  1. INCREMENT BY followed by the increment number.
  2. MAXVALUE followed by an integer.
  4. MINVALUE followed by an integer.

How do you find the maximum value of a sequence?

Option 1 – To increase the MAX VALUE:

  1. Login with oracle with sys user.
  2. Check the max value of the sequences in the following line: SQL>select sequence_owner, maxvalue from dba_sequences where sequence_name=”
  3. Change the MAXVALUE of the sequence.
  4. Alter the sequence as follows:

Why sequence is required?

A sequence is a user defined schema bound object that generates a sequence of numeric values. Sequences are frequently used in many databases because many applications require each row in a table to contain a unique value and sequences provides an easy way to generate them.

What is the maximum value for Oracle sequence?

NOMAXVALUE Specify NOMAXVALUE to indicate a maximum value of 1027 for an ascending sequence or -1 for a descending sequence. This is the default. MINVALUE Specify the minimum value of the sequence. This integer value can have 28 or fewer digits.

Does create sequence need commit?

The answer is NO. Oracle guarantees that numbers generated by sequence are different. Even if parallel requests are issued, RAC environment or rollback and commits are mixed.

Can we execute queries parallely from different session?

Can we execute queries parallely from different session Yes or no? No, you will need a separate session per query. @Tony is correct, each query must run in it’s own session to run in parallel.

Does SQL query automatically remove duplicates?

Explanation: An SQL does not remove duplicates like relational algebra projection, we have to remove it using distinct. An SQL will work slowly but surely if there are no indexes. An SQL does not permit 2 attributes of same name in a relation.

What is Intraquery parallelism?

Definition. Intra-query parallelism is a form of parallelism in the evaluation of database queries, in which a single query is decomposed into smaller tasks that execute concurrently on multiple processors.