What does Ooga mean in Swedish?

öga Noun. öga, -ett. eye, the ~ Noun. ‐ the organ of sight.

What does Attans mean in Swedish?

interjection. cry of anger or frustration.

What does Strala mean in Swedish?

The name stems from the Swedish word “stråla” meaning radiate light. Strala has partner studios in Seattle, Singapore and Barcelona, and classes are offered in 20 countries around the world.

What does Finaste mean in Swedish?

Explanation: finast/finaste=finest, the superlative form of ‘fin'(fine) A great compliment in other words.

Does Oga mean eye?

1. An organ of vision or of light sensitivity. 2. a.

What is an Ooga?

Definition. OOGA. Ohio Oil and Gas Association. OOGA.

What does Helvetica mean in Swedish?

Helvete is the Swedish word for hell.

Why is Sjutton a swear word?

In Sweden, bad words mostly have a religious origin and in the past it was common to amplify them with numbers, such as ‘sjutton’ (17), ‘attans’ (an old word for 18), and ‘tusan’ (meaning 1,000). It is a name for the devil and is to cursing what ‘hej’ is to greetings.

What does Oga Furuga mean?

Looking in the directory, he finds an Olga Foroga so they call her and Diego threatens her. However, Five arrives, sees Elliott dead, and tells them it’s Swedish for ‘eye for an eye’.

What does Igwe mean?

An “igwe” is a king, basically, and this is a title used consistently throughout northern Igbo-speaking areas. The term is associated with the sky deity, pointing to the king’s elevated status – also to his consecration/installation as something like a divinity on earth.

How do you pronounce Ooga Booga?

Phonetic spelling of Oogabooga

  1. Oo-ga-booga.
  2. ooga-booga. Chet Upton.
  3. Oog-a-booga. Cornelius Brown.

What is the meaning of Ooga Ooga?

Editors Contribution. ooga booga. 1. Short for “Ugly Bugger” referring to Dervishes in Sudan.