What does it mean if a channel remains red in the mini fader bank at the top of the main screen?

Well that’s when you call on the Gain Wizard. On your home fader screen, you’ll see your channel’s faders as well as the mini-faders at the top of the screen. but the mini-fader that represents that channel will stay red. simply go to your menu screen and tap Clear Clip.

How do I reset my QSC Touchmix?

Now let’s start our tour by resetting the mixer. To Recall the Default Scene: • Press the “Menu” (Image 1.2) button. Select “Scenes” from the main Menu Screen (Image 1.3). Select “Default” under the Factory bank.

What is a DCA group?

DCA Groups – A DCA (Digitally Controlled Attenuator) provides remote control of the levels of the channels assigned to it. Unlike a stereo Group, audio does not pass through a DCA Group. Instead, the audio levels are controlled at the channels by information sent from the DCA master.

How do I factory reset my QSC Touchmix 16?

How do I reset my QSC Touchmix 16?

What is the difference between VCA and groups?

A VCA is like a Subgroup in that they both may be used as master faders for a group of channels on their way to the main mix. The main difference is that Subgroups have basic output DSP and VCAs do not. No EQ — VCA channels do not have EQ, so there is no EQ button.

What do I need to set up my touchmix?

Here is what you’ll need to get started. Your TouchMix, a standard Wi-Fi router and an Ethernet cable. the Ethernet cable to the available USB port as these models do not have an active Ethernet port. You can find a list of recommended adaptors on the QSC website.

How many channels does a touchmix-16 Pro have?

Specifications TouchMix-30 Pro TouchMix-16 TouchMix-8 Delay Delay (100 msec max) Delay (100 msec max) Delay (100 msec max) Automatic Microphone Mixer Gain Sharing, 24 channels, two instances N/A N/A Total 16 12 6

Is there a feedback Wizard for the touchmix-30?

The TouchMix-30 has a remarkable Feedback Wizard that can help manage any feedback … … but before we look at that, let’s review some best practice ideas to mitigate feedback in your setup. Selection and placement of loudspeakers and microphones, room acoustics, and the performer’s microphone handling technique …

How do I connect my touchmix 30 to my router?

Now plug in and power up your TouchMix 30. Once the mixer has fully powered up, press the “Menu” button and go to Network setup. then press “Apply”. should read “Connected.” So far, so good? Now on your iOS or Android device- Open the Wi-Fi settings and connect to your router. From the