What does Ilzecki propose to Vladek What is the outcome for both of them and their families?

Ilzecki proposes that Vladek send his son to the same Polish family that is hiding his own son, but Vladek’s family does not agree to do this. While Ilzecki and his wife do not survive the war, their son does survive. In contrast, Vladek’s son, Richieu, does not survive.

What was Ilzecki plan for his child?

Vladek tells Artie that Mr. Ilzecki had a son about the same age as Richieu. One afternoon, while the two children play together, Ilzecki tells Vladek that he has plans to hide his son with a Polish friend until the situation in Sosnowiec improves. Ilzecki believes his friend will hide Richieu as well.

What happened to Vladek’s factory?

By early 1938, Anja gets a severe case of postpartum depression, and Vladek accompanies her to a sanitarium in Czechoslovakia to recover. When they return three months later, Vladek’s factory has been destroyed, but his in-laws help him set up another one.

How does Ilzeki help Vladek?

Ilzecki is a player on the black market in Sosnowiec when the Germans occupy the town. He is able to get Vladek important identification papers and work permits so that Vladek can move more freely in the town.

Who does Vladek hide in a secret panel?

When the Nazis order all Jews over the age of seventy to relocate to Czechoslovakia, Vladek helps Anja’s family hide her grandparents in a secret room in their shed. Since Anja’s grandparents never turn up in Czechoslovakia, Anja’s father is arrested, and the rest of the family is threatened.

How does Ilzecki save Vladek’s life?

ilzecki hides vladek in his house to avoid being caught by the nazis. what happens to the jewish businnesses? how do jewish people earn enough money to live at this time? the jewish businessese are now run by the germans (gave to arian managers appointed by nazis).

How does Vladek try to save his son?

Ilzecki says that he has a Polish friend who is willing to take and hide his son “until the situation gets better” (83). He says that maybe the Pole will take Richieu, too. Vladek returns home and tells his wife Anja about possibly sending their son to safety.

Why did Vladek throw away Art’s coat?

Why does Vladek throw away Art’s coat? What would you have done if you were Art? He threw it out because he thought it was shabby and it was a shame that his son would be seen in it.

How does Vladek become wealthy?

What is Vladek doing when Artie comes to visit him? How does Vladek become wealthy? He marries Anja and his father-in-law gives him the money to start a textile factory. You just studied 11 terms!

Who goes to jail for hiding Anja’s documents?

She stashes the documents with Miss Stefanska, a seamstress who is a tenant in her father’s building. The seamstress is arrested and stays in jail for three months.

Who is Mr Ilzecki *?

Ilzecki Character Analysis. A Jewish tailor in Sosnowiec, to whom Vladek sells black-market cloth at the beginning of the war. Ilzecki has a young son, about the same age as Richieu, whom he hides in the home of a Polish friend shortly after the war breaks out.

Who is the only Vladek’s family to survive the war?

Many of them died during World War II; the only other member of Vladek’s family who survived was his little brother, Pinek. Suddenly Vladek feels like he might be having a heart attack, and Artie makes him lie down.

How did Vladek get to see mr.ilzecki?

One day, Vladek is walking to see Mr. Ilzecki when he passes by a violent mob of German soldiers beating Jews to the ground with clubs and boarding them onto trains. He sees Mr. Ilzecki, who rushes him into his house, where they wait for hours for the trains to depart.

What happens to ilzecki’s son in the book Maus?

Ilzecki’s son will survive the war; Richieu will not. In 1942, all Jews are forced to move into one quarter of town, and all twelve members of Vladek’s family are assigned only two and a half small rooms.

Where does Vladek hide the cloth in Maus?

Vladek visits shops that owed him money before the war and arranges to acquire some cloth, which he hides under his clothes and takes to Mr. Ilzecki in exchange for money. Soon after, Vladek nearly escapes a German raid, in which they close off a street and take anyone without work papers.

How did Vladek get into the black market?

Vladek continues to conduct black market business until a friend of Anja’s father is executed for selling goods without coupons and is left to hang for days as a warning to others. Vladek had often done business with the man, and he is terrified to go outside for a few days.