What does dime tour mean?

Re: dime tour The term is used to describe when you show someone around a place. For example, you might give someone a ‘dime tour’ of your new house. It’s not really a tour, hence the use of ‘dime’ to imply that it is not much of a tour.

What does Penny tour mean?

Filters. A basic or makeshift tour; a quick trip around.

What does 50cent tour mean?

Noun. fifty-cent tour (plural fifty-cent tours) A quick, cursory, introductory tour.

What is a dime girl?

Dime is still used as a teenage slang synonym for a beautiful woman. This stems from the 1979 movie ”10,” starring Bo Derek, and is rooted in ”On a scale from 1 to 10, she’s a 10. ” She is now a dime.

What kind of publication is The Threepenny Review?

The Threepenny Review is an American literary magazine founded in 1980. It is published in Berkeley, California, by founding editor Wendy Lesser. Maintaining a quarterly schedule (March, June, September, December), it offers fiction, memoirs, poetry, essays and criticism to a readership of 10,000.

Does 50 Cent still do concerts?

50 Cent is currently touring across 1 country and has 4 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Complex Oakland in Oakland, after that they’ll be at E11EVEN MIAMI in Miami.

What is 5 cents called in USA?

The nickel is the United States’ five-cent coin.

Why is dime called dime?

“Dime” is based on the Latin word “decimus,” meaning “one tenth.” The French used the word “disme” in the 1500s when they came up with the idea of money divided into ten parts. In America, the spelling changed from “disme” to “dime.”

What does you’re my dime mean?

If someone’s a dime piece or a dime, they’re mighty attractive — as in, a perfect 10.

Is Threepenny Review good?

The Threepenny Review is one of the most well renowned and respected literary journals in America. The Threepenny review also pays very well. They pay $400 per short story and $200 per poem. This is a good amount of money for even a print journal to offer its contributors.