What do you need to know about EdFinancial Services?

Edfinancial Services is your student loan servicer. We are here to answer your questions, help you with repayment plans, and process your student loan payments. We’ve been in the student loan industry for over 25 years, striving to find a better way every day to deliver exceptional student loan servicing for students and families nationwide.

How to register for EdFinancial Services Online account?

Learn more about the Life Cycle of a Student Loan. Access your Edfinancial Services account online 24/7 by registering for Manage My Account. The registration process for Manage My Account is very brief and requires you to input your social security number and date of birth to create a secure online account.

How to make a student loan payment with EdFinancial?

There are multiple ways to make a payment. Consider registering for KwikPay ®, Edfinancial’s automatic-debit payment program, in Manage My Account. With KwikPay, your student loan payments are automatically debited from your checking or savings account each month.

What’s the philosophy of the EdFinancial call center?

Edfinancial’s call center philosophy is “one call resolution” – there’s no pressure to rush callers. In dealing with past-due borrowers, our debt management representatives function as counselors rather than collectors. We always go above and beyond to maximize service for our customers.

How can I postpone payment on my EdFinancial loan?

Explore various repayment options available based on your income and loan type. Enter the requested information and view the available repayment plans which may better fit your financial situation. You can also postpone a payment with a deferment or forbearance by answering a few questions to determine your eligibility.

How does secure inbox work in EdFinancial Services?

The secure “Inbox” prevents unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive account correspondence that would otherwise be delivered by mail. You may obtain paper copies of account records by printing them directly from your computer.