What county is Little Missouri State Park in?

Dunn County, North

Little Missouri State Park
Location in North Dakota
Location Dunn County, North Dakota, United States
Nearest city Killdeer, North Dakota
Coordinates 47°33′9″N 102°44′46″WCoordinates: 47°33′9″N 102°44′46″W

How much is a Missouri state park pass?

Missouri’s state parks are free to attend; there is no entrance fee, making Missouri one of eight states in the country to provide that park service for free.

Where is Little Missouri?

In South Dakota, it flows northward through the Badlands into North Dakota, crossing the Little Missouri National Grassland and both units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park….Little Missouri River (North Dakota)

Little Missouri River
• coordinates 44°32′25″N 104°59′57″W
• elevation 4,501 ft (1,372 m)
Mouth Missouri River

Is Little Missouri State Park open?

Located in Western North Dakota, Little Missouri State Park is a quiet oasis. This park is home to over 45 miles of trails that run through the picturesque North Dakota Badlands. Little Missouri State Park is open seasonally from May to October.

How many state parks are in North Dakota?

13 state parks
Each of North Dakota’s 13 state parks offer a unique blend of scenic beauty, outdoor recreation and camping opportunities.

Do seniors get discounts at Missouri state parks?

A $2 per night camping discount is available year-round for senior citizens (65 years and older), people with disabilities and military. This discount should be asked for at the time of fee payment.

How long can you stay at a Missouri state park?

A two-night minimum stay on the weekend (Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday) is required at most state parks for reservations. Camping is limited to any 15 days within a 30-consecutive-day period at any one park.

Can you swim in the Little Missouri River?

While there are no developed facilities between the falls and Albert Pike, the river corridor offers possibilities for all kinds of outdoor pursuits—swimming in deep pools, hiking along the streambank and wildlife photography, just to name a few.

Are there trout in the Little Missouri River?

Rainbow trout are stocked in cool season months at the Albert Pike area and below Narrows Dam, where some remain throughout the year. Below Lake Greeson, the river is best known among anglers for bass, catfish and bream.

Is Johnson Shut Ins safe?

It is very safe. We have a three year old. There are really shallow parts they can play in.

Is Elephant Rock State Park open now?

8 a.m. to 7 p.m.