What constituency is Brighton Hove?

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County East Sussex
Electorate 71,181 (December 2010)
Major settlements Aldrington, Hove, Portslade
Current constituency

How many constituencies are there in Brighton?

There are currently three constituencies in Brighton & Hove: Brighton Kemptown. Brighton Pavilion. Hove.

Is Brighton a safe seat?

Apart from those few years of liberal strength, Brighton became a safe Conservative constituency.

Who are the MPS in Brighton?


Constituency Electorate Member of Parliament
Brighton, Kemptown BC 69,833 Lloyd Russell-Moyle ‡
Brighton, Pavilion BC 79,057 Caroline Lucas ♣
Eastbourne BC 79,307 Caroline Ansell †
Hastings and Rye CC 80,524 Sally-Ann Hart †

How much is entry to Brighton Pavilion?

Royal Pavilion/Tickets

Is Brighton a constituency?

Brighton Pavilion is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2010 by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party.

What is the safest seat in the UK Parliament?

The safest seat in the 2017 general election was Liverpool Walton, where Labour received 86% of the vote, giving them a 77% majority over the second-placed Conservatives (at 9%).

What is the oldest constituency in the UK?

Since the split of the seat City of York with effect from the 2010 general election, Lincoln has been the oldest constituency in continuous existence in the UK – established in 1265.

Is Brighton council green?

The Green led council from 2011-2015 was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The Greens regained control of the Council in 2020, after the incumbent Labour administration collapsed and made way for a Green minority government.