What color is the water in the Cayman Islands?

The dark water is coloured by the red tannins from the mangroves and phytoplankton (which makes the water look green) from the back of the north sound. It is unusual that both can be seen so easily.

Is the water clear in Grand Cayman?

Visibility in Cayman’s clear water can range from 60 -100 feet and year-round temperature averages 73 – 85 degrees. Seven Mile Beach is also located on the leeward West side of Grand Cayman so the water is usually calm.

Is it safe to swim in Grand Cayman?

Hi, I live in Cayman and the water and beach at Governor beach is excellent. Water is crystal clear and very safe to swim. The water and beach are heavenly.

Why is the water around the Bahamas so blue?

The blue color of the ocean comes from the absorption of red and green light wavelengths by the water. The blue is reflected to be received by your eyes and the light blue is a response to sunlight reflecting off the powdery white sands and corals on the bottom.

Is the Cayman Islands nice?

Luckily the Cayman Islands has it all: luxury with an abundance of activities and experiences make it the perfect holiday choice for everyone, whether it’s a family adventure, a romantic escape, a culinary journey or a diving expedition. Below are just 10 reasons to visit this Caribbean paradise: Beaches.

What side of Grand Cayman is best?

The north and east sides are best suited for those who simply want to sit and relax in and around their accomodation, and enjoy the beach/water without the company of cruise ship visitors and other tourists. The south side offers limited accomodations except Sunset House, which is great for divers.

Are there sharks in Cayman?

There are 8 species of sharks commonly found in the Cayman Islands, including: Great Hammerhead, Nurse shark, Lemon shark, Caribbean Reef shark, Blacktip, Tiger shark, Oceanic Whitetip and Silky shark. Whereas, other species of sharks are pelagic and seasonally pass through Cayman while on migratory routes.

Why do people hide money in the Cayman?

The Caymans have become a popular tax haven among the American elite and large multinational corporations because there is no corporate or income tax on money earned outside of its territory. The Caymans make it easy for individuals and business owners to shield their assets and identities from prying eyes.

What is the best month to visit Cayman Islands?

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands is between March and June when the hotel rates drop. The islands are warm year-round with average highs holding steady in the 80s. January and February are the coolest months with average lows in the high 60s.